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Ketan Joshi

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I think it depends what course you want to persue.Technology/Management

GRE would probably be required for a masters degree on the technology front

and GMAT would be required for a masters degree in management
16 years ago

Probably I am not providing an answer to your question but just a few related points

If you are looking for training in Java J2EE,I assume you would then look for a Java job
It probably also implies you do not hava Java experience

This could pose a few challenges for you to get a Java job based on just knowledge from the training institutes

I am not trying to discourage you from taking the Java course but my point is as follows

There are too many Java programmers with experience in market even though the job market is good

In summary,if at all you are taking training, try to learn some niche skill which is based on Java...something like Content Management Systems ..etc

Or may be Intervowen, even weblogic for that matter

Of late I also see a trend of companies trying to make a shift to Share Point

Hope that helps
[ September 20, 2007: Message edited by: Ketan Joshi ]
16 years ago

Not sure, what the trend will be but the time seems to be a volatile
2 weeks back ,dollar value was decreasing now the rupee value falls

I think no company should make decisions like working Saturdays etc because the times dont seem to be stable

Your thoughts please

[ August 08, 2007: Message edited by: Ketan Joshi ]
16 years ago
I agree to Mansur
The companies will indirectly do that.Allocate more work and by default people work 11 hours per day and on weekends
The smartest comment is You are not efficient and hence you did not finish the work by Friday.So you need to come on Saturday and complete it
As it is in crunch times, people end up working late and on weekends

By forcing working Saturdays,I am not sure how the revenue will increase
As it is work forces you to come on Saturday with an official 5 day week

Now the side effect will be with an official 6 day week,you will have to complete the remaining work on the 7th day

This is no fun.
16 years ago

Just thought of this

Actually at Bombay Central,there is this YMCA where people can stay

You wont get a lot of Privacy and the room would be small but thats fair

I think you can make it in less than 5k there

Chruchgate---Marine Lines--Charni Road---Grant Road--Bombay Central..

Dats the railway route and stations

12 minutes by train from Bombay Central to Churchgate

16 years ago

I am Ketan and I stay at Charni Road which is kinda 20 minutes by bus from Nariman Point

1. Nariam Point is the most posh locality in Mumbai with Mantralaya,National Centre for Performing Arts(NCPA), World Trade Center,
Inusrance offices,Makers Chambers,Stock Exchange offices and all the big wig offices close by

Pros: You will never face power cut offs and one of the cleanest places
South Mumbai never faces flooding.Even during disaster of 26th July 05,South Mumbai was not a problem place.This is because of reasonable drainage system in South Mumbai and also because there are no huts or slums around

Cons:Real Costly.Honestly with 5000,you will not find any place to stay in all probability

2.To travel to Nariman Point,you have to take a bus from Churchgate
So just train travel is not enough
However you will find loads of buses with a frequency of 3 minutes

3.Guess you havent been to Mumbai earlier,when you eventually see most of Mumbai, you will come to know the differnce between Nariman Point and mumbai suburbs

4. Stay some where around Dadar and travel by train upto Churchgate(19 minutes by fast train and 23 minutes by slow train)

Bus from Churchgate to Nariman Point should be 15 minutes

Avoid Harbour lines(chances of getting flooded are more)

All the best
16 years ago
If you stay close to your office location, you will be able to avoid travelling hastles specially during rainy season

Once work and travel are in good shape,you will enjoy Mumbai as everything here works fast and virtually everything is available closeby

Do remember that pay packages are slightly higher for Mumbai being a costly city.

The city is costly mainly in terms of house since there is overflow of crowds from all over India causing land shortage.But if you consider everything else its not that costly as it appears.

Means of travel are abundant and reliable(crowds assumed)

All the best n enjoy
16 years ago

Saw this thread on the Economic Times regarding the same old US visa issues

On page 3 of this link, there is a reference to a company which was supposedly not paying the minimum wages and only after the labour department investigations, did the company pay the dues

The new US visa policies it appears that H1B visa holders may get more than the local American.Not sure how this works

But this company sucks big time and there may be many more such companies who are practising this may be
16 years ago
Definitely if is necessary to trace what was done by whom in what time so that we can get back to that person in case of any issues so documentation is necessary.

However we need to ensure that we dont spend 7 hours documenting something we completed in 1 hour.I have noticed documentation having repeated same inforamtion one in Excel Sheet,other in word document, one document in accordance with client template,one document in accordance with internal quality standards which should be avoided

Regarding the point on managers,sometimes they are intrusion into your time apart from them being a waste of time in their own

However the entire company and not just the individual needs to be handled to ensure its smooth functioning which surely needs an individual labelled as a Manager

But we need to realise that a manager cannot spend time doing the work himself/herself.His/Her job is to supervise the work allocated to team members.

The manager has been a team member sometime doing all the work allocated to him/her.He/she cannot keep working life long

So in his position as manager he is expected to use his experience to handle issues and intervene when its not possible for team member to handle the situation
[ June 14, 2007: Message edited by: Ketan Joshi ]
16 years ago
Hello, Just wanted to check every ones experiences with some of the greedy Indian companies

1.One of my friend who was working with [Company] told me that they give
HALF a PEDHA as Diwali gift.As greedy as it can be

2.In [Company] some projects have a team outing which is compulsory to attend and you have to contribute Rs.300 for attending
This is a a Paradox

Some good companies
[Company],Pune------Vow,free food,generous gifts like watches on Diwali.

Please share your experiences

[Translation and removed company names - Dave]
[ June 06, 2007: Message edited by: David O'Meara ]
16 years ago
Like someone said earlier,there may not be a center dedicated for SUN Java exams

If you already have java knowledge, there is definitely no need to join any center

There are host of books available like those by Kathy Sierra and Khalid Mughal and others as suggested on Javaranch

Simply go to ABC chowk,buy them and start preparing yourself
You get cds too for practice tests and many free online exams are available

Just in case you are entirely new to programming or java in particular,then joining some center is preferrable
16 years ago
Thats not the best of news.But none the less,dont get disappointed as its not the end of the world

It would have been worse had you accepted the new job and then if the project had not come

Sometimes doing nothing is a good option.Let some time pass away.

Refresh your skills in this time and then apply again

All the best
16 years ago
Hey KJ Reddy,I didnt mean to correct you.
Actually I work on Documentum and even I had once got confused.So it just caught my attention very quickly.

Hope you didnt mind it.
16 years ago

KJ Reddy- reading typo
She is not working on Documentum.She has to do documentation

I feel a better option would be to look for a job in some smaller company

As some one said its all the same in all companies.So no point in shifting to another big company

May be smaller companies is better because there usually we get to do better work.Some times we develop, test and support like a 1 man show

And there are smaller companies which pay better than branded ones

Use the 1.5 experience tag as if it was all Java development throughout and with scjp and scwcd, its not going to be tough at all
Also you can use the brand name of your current big company

Or best would be to stick to the same company for another 6 months and search for jobs with 2 years experience tag.I think this will be better
16 years ago
Hello all,

I read through the entire discussion and I feel there is something to learn from it for me even though I am neither the interviewer nor the interviewee nor the company

Good interviewers dont just ask what is A? or what is B? They look at how feasible the person is for a specific position

Sometimes irritating questions are asked to get to know the personality traits of the interviewee.

Being able to visualize the scenario in a broad sense is very important as the experience counter keeps ticking.
16 years ago