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Recent posts by Trond Hjelmaas


the GUI is nice on 6.0. I don't know how many of the questions that are updated. I bought 4.0 and just a week later 6.0 was released, I was able to use the 4.0 serial on 6.0. Maybe you can as well?

Regards, Trond

Originally posted by yung wong:
Is it big defferent between whizlabs SCEA 4.0 and 6.0? Is it just more practice questions in version 6 and nice UI? Is whizlabs SCEA 4.0 still good for the scea cert?


I looked at the E10000 description in more detail and it looks "unbreakable"

BUT, I am still not sure about the multiple JVMs and/or active/passiv replication. Any more comments ?


Originally posted by Akar Rafidj:

For your first question:

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I should be done with the architecture soon, but I am still not sure how to address some of the Qulity of Service (QoS) requirements...:

Availability - FBN has bought a Sun E10000 as the app server. Availability has a few keywords like fault tolerance and redudance, but we only have one machine... I guess it is possible to run multiple JVM on the E10000. One machine is still a "single point of failure" if for example the powersupply brakes down...

Reliability - ability to assure consistency and integrity. I would think transactions is a keyword here.

Any suggestions for the thoughts above?

Thanks is advance, Trond

I was wondering if anyone could share their thoughts how to handle sessions (login etc) from mainly the Travel Agent (swing)?

My thoughts:
I have been trying to restrict usage of sessionbeans for performance reasons. I currently only one sessionbean which is the shoppingcart (to store the segments).
I also had an idea: When searching for flight, I wanted to store the result(s) in the HTTPSession (thus pushing flight data out to the webservers).

My problem:
How do I handle login from the swing client?
  • Let the swing app. handle security with login (easy to bypass)
  • While logging in to swing app. the app. server can verify the login details and give the swing client a uniq id. Everytime the swing app calls a method, this ID is sent as part of the paramters. This ID will have a timeout.
  • Use a sessionfacade for all clients (web and swing) and thereby use more resources
  • Any other suggestions?

  • Any suggestions are very welcome!
    Thanks in advance for replying

    :roll: Trond
    [ October 10, 2005: Message edited by: Trond Hjelmaas ]