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Recent posts by Kevin Tysen

My child is asking me about Jail Break, which is a new thing with iPod, which I know nothing about. I heard of this for the first time today. As a concerned parent, I am just wondering what JailBreak is. What I heard is that it is illegal in Japan, not illegal in the United States, and Apple does not want people to use it. There is some worry that it could damage the iPod, but it adds functionality to the iPod, in fact so much functionality that one is able to download applications for free that are not intended to be free.
So I am wondering, is this illegal or not?
Is it safe to get on an iPod?
11 years ago
When you have some code like this:
<span>I</span><span> love</span><span> her.</span>
The web page looks like this:
I love her.
But if the code looks like this:
<span>I</span><span id="lovespan"></span><span> her.</span>
And then you have a code line in JavaScript like this:
document.getElementById("lovespan").innerHTML=" love";
The web page looks like this:
Ilove her.
When changing the innerHTML, the space at the beginning of the word " love" is dropped. I could do this:
document.getElementById("lovespan").innerHTML=" love";
But I want the word "love" to wrap to the next line if need be. Any ideas on how to display "I love her." by setting the innerHTML?
Oh, I see. Once .setVisible() is called on the JDialog, nothing in that thread will execute until the JDialog is disposed. Is that right?
I just switched the .setVisible() and the .setDefaultCloseOperation() lines and got the desired results.
Thank you.
11 years ago

I expect the line
to make the textEditFrame not closeable when the user clicks the X to close the window. However, when the user clicks X to close the window, the window closes. What should I do to make textEditFrame not closeable by the user?
11 years ago
JOptionPane has methods which take a component as an argument, like this:

Anyway, when the JOptionPane is asking the user if the user wants to save the file, the frame is unusable. I want to do that to a frame. I used frame.setFocusable(false); but it didn't work. Even after I called that method, I was still able to focus on the frame by clicking it.
How can I do it?
11 years ago
Japanese is no problem. I can understand Japanese. I just don't understand all the Windows editions. Anyway, this is what the Japanese says:

New, unused product.
Product details:
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OEM Preinstallation kit (1 disk)

Microsoft Windows XP OEM Preinstallation kit (1 disk)

Only someone with knowledge should use this product.

Caution: Someone who gets irritated easily should not bid for this product. Also, No claims, no returns.

This is starting to spook me, too. The price is suspiciously low. It's 650 yen. Right now the exchange rate is about 80 yen per dollar.
I found some other Windows XP operating systems to be auctioned. They are a bit more expensive, about 4,000 yen and up.
I see the word OEM a lot. What does it mean? Is it a good thing?
Thanks for all the help.
11 years ago
OOps, something went wrong with the URL. I'll try it again.
WindowsXP Preinstallation Disk
11 years ago
I found a "Windows XP OEM Preinstallation Kit". It seems to be what I want, but I just wonder about the word "Preinstallation". Would this only do a preinstallation and then I have to buy something else in order to do the real installation? Here is the URL.
11 years ago
I want to run a CD on my Mac, but the CD is made to run on Windows OS. So I installed the software which makes it possible to install a Windows OS on a Macintosh computer. So far, no problem. But now I have to get a Windows OS. And I want to get a slightly old Windows OS because it's cheaper. So I am thinking about getting an OS with internet auction. To be specific, I need a WindowsXP or Vista.
It's really hard to know what to buy because there are so many versions, like office version or home version. The office one has software that I don't really need. I just need the most basic Window OS functions.
Also, there are software packages in the electronics store that say "backup" or "upgrade" or stuff like that. Most of the time people just buy a non-Mac computer which has OS software installed on it already, so for them it's clear what they need. In my situation, there is nothing Microsoft on this computer, so I need to install from zero.
If I were to buy something at an electronics store, there would be someone to ask questions to, but I am thinking of getting it by internet auction, so the only info I have is the name of the product and the picture of the front of the box the product came in.
So I am just wondering what is the official name of what I am looking for. For example, I am looking right now at something called
Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit DSP version
but I don't know what "Ultimate" means when the term is applied to Windows Vista, and I don't know what DSP means either.
11 years ago
Thank you. It's useful to know that. But actually, when I came up with this question, I was trying to make an anonymous inner class to implement an interface, and I couldn't think of a good name for the class, so that is why I wanted to make it anonymous. Eventually I just made a class within a method and then I gave it a real lame name, something like MyClass (don't remember). I did something like this:

This is a kind of abbreviated version of what I have. I thought about making an anonymous inner class and then have the howBig method return size, but that would mean I have to make size a final variable, which I can't because the value of size is dependent on several factors. I also thought about adding another line

That way there would be a final variable, and I could have the howBig method return asize. Would this work?
11 years ago
All the anonymous inner classes I have ever seen have only a no-arg constructor. Is it possible to have any other kind of constructor?
11 years ago
I'm trying to create an implementation of javax.swing.table.TableModel. I have a good idea of how to do most of the implementation, but I don't know how to implement the getColumnClass method.
11 years ago
Thank you. Actually I think I found out the problem. I think all those sites I was trying to access had updated their Adobe flash software, and I hadn't. So I just updated the Adobe flash player. I'm pretty sure it will work okay now, but I haven't tried the sites yet.
11 years ago
As in the subject line, many pages on the internet (mostly games and videos and stuff like that) which worked fine last week, now do not work properly. There is a message "plugin missing" or "plugin not found". Anyone else have that problem recently? I suspect all I can do is just wait for Macintosh to send a software update to correct the problem. Is there anything else I can do? Come to think of it, there was a software update very recently. Is it possible that that update changed something?
My mac is OS 10.6.8 and running Safari 5.1.7, by the way.
11 years ago
I have been writing java programs just for myself for several years and I think I am getting pretty good at it. So I am considering trying to enter the world of professional programming.
Experience: No job experience with programming. I'm a teacher, actually. I do have experience programming, but not something that I can put on a resume. I just have a few programs that I have written which I could show to people and say, "I wrote this."
Education: BS in Chemistry and Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language.
Certification: Recently I passed the Java SE 7 Programmer 1 exam (Associate). I took the Java SE 7 Programmer 2 exam, but don't know the result yet. But I think maybe I didn't pass....
I'm fluent in Japanese, too, but I don't know if that would help getting a computer job.

By now, you are thinking, "Why don't you just look for a teaching job?" Well, I have a teaching job, but I want to make some extra money on the side. So I wonder if there is such thing as a part time computer job. What I heard from a friend is that there exist jobs that you can do at home. Someone sends you a computer project to work on, then you write the code and send the code by e-mail, and then they pay you. That's what I heard, anyway. Is that true? How qualified does someone have to be for that?
I live in a small town, so I can't really go to some office every day to work.
11 years ago