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Recent posts by Ronnie Phelps

I'm in the process of re-writing some scripts that are used to periodically ping an existing Soap Server on a unix box and send out email notification of the status of the server if the server happens to be down or unreachable.

The existing scripts are written in perl and I was specifically instructed to create these scripts using a stand alone java app. Are there any pre-existing apps, maybe open source apps which already does something similar to what I'm trying to do?

I'm trying to avoid re-inventing the wheel.
11 years ago
a simple implementation using the following xml to log to the console........

When using log4j to asynchronously log messages to a local log file, will the order of the log messages be preserved? (i.e. earliest time stamp will always be first and latest will be last)
This is an old topic but log4j does provide asynchronous logging. See the following site:
does log4j support asynchronous logging? or does it have to be integrated with JMS or some other messaging framework?
Would you guys happen to know how I can configure log4J to write to different log files which will contain a unique identifier(not a date) that is present within the code block during the time of writing?

Would any of you guys happen to know how I can conditionally change the color of text that's within a ListView?

Thanks for your timely response Henry. I also noticed that the first assignment will work if I change the signature of the objectList to be

List<? extends Object> objectList = new ArrayList();

objectList = stringList; // does work now

I understand that it doesn't make since to use generics since we are extending Object. The types in this posting are String and Object in order to simplify my posting. I'm actually using other types in my code. Thanks again.
14 years ago
List<Object> objectList = new ArrayList();
List<String> stringList = new ArrayList();

objectList = stringList; // This doesn't work

objectList = (List<Object>)stringList; //this doesn't work either
Can anyone explain why these two assignments won't work and what needs to be done in order to perform this assignment?
14 years ago
Yes. So in otherwords I can subsitute the handler with a handler that will be used for testing purposes. But within the implementation class the handler should be implemented as an abstraction which will either use the test handler or the implementation handler. Is that correct?
14 years ago
What approach should be taken to create JUNIT test for logging? I'm asking because logging messages doesn't return anything after the message has been logged to a file. I'm thinking that maybe the log messages can be handled by a file handler. What do you think?
14 years ago
Okay I guess that makes senses. So Agile Methodologies are based on what is done and not how it is done. Correct?
That is kind of confusing. What makes a project agile?
Is Xtreme Programming an agile methodology?