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Recent posts by Branko Santo

We surely agree that online stuff gets older faster.
HTTP should have been dealt with some time ago but it is still here. And we still end up building on top of it. I am sure there are better technologies but they are currently not in the spotlights either because they do not seem profitable or they are trying to tear everything that has been built by now.

Not to get me wrong some tearing down should be implemented from time to time. But I dont think its just that time right now.

Ajax has been around for years. Not in that form and not that popular for sure but it is not enything spectacular, just a combination of several things that matured and people saw a good use for it.

One thing web can not do is have permenant connections, cost of hosting would sky-rocket at least 20 times what it is right now and bandwith would go up like a million percent, and we would loose such a large part of internet that is hosted on free services because of that. HTTP as old and cranky as it is, does the job and until something better comes up "the web" is staying as it is.

Take care
In networking world its called remote desktop.

You are actually talking about everything being on the server and the client computer just being a display.

I really do not see this happening.

This detailed guide covers the creation of connections to a MySQL database with PHP 5 via a custom Ajax engine and shows how to gracefully format the response with CSS, JavaScript, and XHTML while keeping the data tightly secure. It also covers the use of four custom Ajax-enabled components in an application and how to create each of them from scratch.

Hope this helps its taken from the amazons review

And you should try to find out things for yourself since this is a fast paced world and while waiting for answers you will think of more questions
But Ajax is still here and it settled into pretty much mainstream.
What we saw at first was a flood of sites using the tehnology and providing no service. Ajax is just a tool to improve your product service.

How do you think the whole "desktop in a browser" story will fold out in the next couple of years. What I see now is that browsers are slow on working at some larger javascript code and there are instances when browsers ask should they quit an attempt since it is taking too long. And with the new HTML standards will they try to push XMLs expansion or is resistance trully futile

All the best hope not too confusing with questions!
Luke thanks for the link

It was a nice read!
Actually me being a single developer currently can not do too much about it.

But there always is a solution and the one I like is.

Customer: I need "function 1"
Product manager: Function 1 will take x time and cost y money. If you cancel within 1/2x than it will cost 60% of y,otherwise it will cost 100% of y.
Customer possibility 1: OK I really need it!
Customer possibility 2: Oh perhaps it is not as needed.

Bottom line is that developer time costs $$ and engineers time costs $$$$ so if they want to pay we can change the specs all day long for as long as they want.

Yeah not very agile but is a way out of situations like this.
It is always hard to leverage a "No", what is really needed is to explain to a customer why he/she does not need a feature. If you go with the expensive card they might pack up and go to someone else, and if you say just that it is too complicated they might think of you as incompetent. It really does get hard some days.

a very interesting aproach, and right where it is needed. Programmers and especialy software engineers have a lot of problem with customers who themselves do not know what they want.

Engineer: What would you like your program to do?
Customer: I would like....{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...}
Engineer: Perhaps also...{a, b, c...}
Customer: Oh yeah that would be nice!

Two weeks pass, all the diagrams, preparations are set and coding is already underway.

Customer: Could I also get ... {55, 56, 57, 58..}...

This is so often the case with programming. I am looking foreward to aquiring your games and trying them out (offcourse first with friends).
For me it is a plus if the questions are harder, I like to really test my knowledge. And it is a good feeling when you are taking your cert and see that you are so inately familiar with the problems that they all seem easy
I think ROR will never be able to catch up to Java because of its industry wide reckognition.
In fact ROR does solve some problems very quickly and is cost effective on smaller projects but Java is not where it is just because there was no alternative.

Another thing is hosting, it seems that finaly most of the "serious" hosts have J2EE in their offer and that is whats the problem for ROR right now.

Well just my 2 cents

Take care
Well I would say SCWCD compared to SCJP is easier especialy looking at the fact that the 1.5 that is used in the new SCJP bring so much fresh stuff.
COngrats to all the winners hope you will pass the exam
Same thing here and I must say its way easier that way since its just a minute or two to download it.
From the SCJP 5 Whizlabs simulator wich I used (congrats to whizlabs on that) I did not see the ability to add your own questions.

And yes there are very nice explanations on all the questions!

Although a little bit harder than the original but I am not complaining!
Yes it is true that the EJB 3.0 specs are pretty new but darn there is so much new stuff that i just dont feel like taking the 2.0 cert.

Well just my 2 cents

Take care