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In java 1.6, how can we get the numeric value of a currency code as per ISO 4217. (Eg. for INR numeric value is 356 )

Thanks in advance
13 years ago
I am using JSF with webflow and ajax.
14 years ago

I have a simple jsf example, It has few issues with ajax calls.

When we use <a4j: support> with ajaxSingle="true" only one component is being processed, because of this, values entered in other components are getting erased, as these values are not populated in to the formbean.

When we dont use ajaxSingle="true" immediate="true", the whole form is being submitted and validate methods are being called, for all the fields which are empty, error messages are getting displayed.

Can you please suggest me a solution.
14 years ago
sorry! I have corrected the typo.

still I am getting ELException.

14 years ago
I am getting exception, while retrieving the selected value of '<h:selectOneMenu>' with 'onchange' event. can you please tell me what is wrong with this code?

code in xhtml page:

code in flow:

Exception received:

I would like to pass the value of selected value 'selectOne' as the actionParam value to the flow.

Can you please tell me what is wrong with the EL expression?
14 years ago

I am using the code

Can you please tell me how can we add a horizontal separator in between selectItems in selectOneMenu
14 years ago

This is a rich:suggestion box example. When I type a letter into the text box, suggestionAction is not being fired, autocomplete method is not being called.

could you please let me know what is wrong with this code.

xhtml page:


I am using richfaces 3.3.2.SR1
14 years ago

The above code is from a Wicket example webapplication, it specifies the homepage ( Login ) for the webapplication ( MyWebApplication ).
My query is,
If we want to change the home page in future, do we have to modify the getHomePage() method every time? Is there any way to specify the home page with out changing the java class. Please clarify.
[ November 11, 2008: Message edited by: Naresh Kumar ]
Try this
Hi Ranchers, could you please tell me,

1.More how many days SCWCD1.4 test is available? One of the posts in
this forum says SCWCD1.4 will not be available after April,2008. Is it
2.I have referred SCWCD objectives. Objectives for SCWCD4 & SCWCD5 are
almost same. But i would like to know,to prepare SCWCD5, do we have to
follow J2EE1.5 specification? or J2EE1.4 specs. are enough?

Thanks & Regards
[ February 12, 2008: Message edited by: Naresh Kumar ]
In a bean i have a property,

Map<String, String[]> myMap;

can you give me an example, to inject map object having a string key and string array as value.

Thank you in adavance