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Recent posts by kavita varun

Thanks Ankur. In our Organization we have Developer, Lead developer and Project Manager. We do not have the concept of a project lead. I am not sure what is the role of a project lead. I have seen organizations with role of work leads who are responsible for the assignment of projects.

Is it possible for you to tell me how much experience we are talking for a
project lead ?

16 years ago
Plan to return to India from US and has 5+ years of J2ee Experience. I was wondering how are organization structures in India nowadays, for custom development environments. One typical development project may have minimum 2 and not sure of the bigger nunmber. When i left 3 to 4 developers use to be lead Team Lead. My question in this context is what is project lead ?

I am starting this discussion thread and would like to discuss structures both in MNC and small companies.

[ April 21, 2007: Message edited by: kavita varun ]
16 years ago
I am just curios to know "Upto what age someone can carry on development/coding in India". In US there is no limit as i know few folks
in late 50's coding in J2EE space.

17 years ago
Many of the permanent positions in US sponsor part time education. Is it the same case in India particularly in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai with software companies ? I was wondering if software companies in India promote / support the education employees with or without an Obligation to meet such as IF WE PAY XX amount of Rupees you will Have to STAY WITH US FOR YY Years.

17 years ago
Jobs in Pune.

I am leaving in US and would like to move to Pune. Has more than 12 years of experience in software
and would like to know from this forum what is the best way to find a job desired. When i left in late 1990's
placement consultants where offering good jobs. Is it the same today ? Or you have to apply using to the
companies based on there advertisement in newspaper.

Few years back i had tried posting my resume on a website and i had to remove it because of overwhelming
responses. As i would have a limited list of companies to target for, i will be more carefull this time for not
exposing the resume on websites. Neither i want to give my resume to consultant who wants to market
my resume to some startups who will be willing to hire me but not giving me the kinda job i want.

Priorities for me in order of importance are 1. Job Content 2. Perks (vacation, holidays) 3. Growth
opportunities 4. Salary + Bonus.

17 years ago
Are there good tomcat hosting companies with mysql as database. I was looking for experiences who have already hosted a site with some vendor.

- Kavita
17 years ago
Hosting websites in Tomcat and MySQL : Are there any good companies who host websites in Tomcat and MySQL. Most of the companies i know are having there own infrastructure. On Google one finds many of those which
are not famous as yahoo. Unfortunately yahoo does not use yahoo.

The reason i am putting this question is - People on this discussion forum may be interacting with the companies hosting for their employers.
17 years ago
Here is an attempt of real world scenarios which can happen for flight and airplane

1. A flight going from Toronto to Las Vegas can stop at Denver. You have same flight number TOLA123. You do not come out of the flight. The plane is halting for passengers getting in and out only. Depending on the destination travelled you pay different amounts.

2. A flight going from Toronto to Las Vegas can stop at Denver. You have same flight number you leave your luggage inside 'come out get in' all allowed but passengers from Toronto take the boarding pass and use it for reentry , get one ticket and the flights are two in the system. One is TOLA123 and second is DELA123, airplane is same.

3. Two flights going from Tornto to Las Vegas you have to get down and get in into a new airplane - it is simple as two flights, two airplanes, two tickets and offcourse two classes.
**You will be booking one ticket for forward journey and one ticket for return journey. But ticket has separate leaves for each segment of the flight (similar to order line item) and a price for that segment. Total cost for the journey will be represented by Itinerary class which holds it as an attribute irrespective of whether it takes two different flights or one flight.**

If I have two leaves that means once i get in the flight and if the flight stops at Denver then I am not suppose to get out and walk/stroll ..If I have to go out and walk i should keep my 'boarding pass' with me all the time...this logic makes sense.

**Attribute or the price class **
So is it two attributes or one attribute for the price class. Two because there are two rates for the flight one for first class and our class (architect's class !)

**segment and leg have 1:1 relationship.***
Did it mean that there is a situation where segment and leg have 1:n relationship ?
**With this**

I thought you mean segment is linked to city may be not. If i read it now may be you where right about the question.

Can we say the segment is 'serving' city but flight is 'offered' for
the segment ?
I am trying to understand how segment and leg can be same. If segment and leg are same that means it is one flight (TL123) which goes from Toronto to Las Vegas or is it two flights ?

Two flights one way -
If those are two flights(T-D and D-L) then I have to book two tickets
for one way journey and 4 tickets for return journey.

One flight one way -
If it is one flight one way and I am booking one ticket from Denver to Las Vegas but using second segment of the flight, I will be paying different money. As there are multiple prices for the same flight, a flight 'uses' a price class to define the price based on the segment choosen by the itinerary.

Designing is interesting..
As i understand in your case city is linked to airport. Why would a city link to segment ? An airport will be served by a segment and an airport serves one or more cities.
Sun Servers experience : Are sun Servers still being bought for j2ee / java development ? Although Linux is picking up in the OS market
for development / deployment, there are SUN servers in Software houses and when preparing 'Resume' I still use SUN OS as one of OS i worked on. Eventhough Java is not dependent on OS , an individual will be forced to write some form of scripts for running jobs. It will be mandatoy for the interviewer in that case to find out which OS the candidate has worked on.
18 years ago
Connecting JMS with MQ series as I understand is more of configuration on consoles for weblogic and websphere servers. Are these connections specific to the vendors or is there a J2EE standards which define those connections.