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Recent posts by Mandy Hou

Kai ,
The UMLet url can't be accessed
Anybody can tell a free uml tool which is easy to use?
Thanks Masoud

I am agree with you!

Before I sent only one email with one transport, but it is very slow to create and init one transport. Since that I determine to send more emails with one transport. It is more quick than before. And than I meet the problem you see in the topic. To resolve it I start to use arithmometer. When one transport sent 20 emails ,a new transport will be created and continue the work. Now it can work correctly and quickly!

But I think I will encounter another problem: Now the email server can allow one transport to send 25 emails, but maybe someday the number will change to 20 or 15,and than that problem will appeare again! So I need a method to catch the exception resolve the problem! Do you have any good idea?

Hi guys:
I writed a method to send 150 same emails like this:

Transport transport = mailSession.getTransport("smtp");
transport.connect(MailAuthenticator.HOST, MailAuthenticator.USER, MailAuthenticator.PASSWORD);

for(int i = 0; i<150; i++){

I meet the MessageException when I send 25 emails:
421 resources temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

is that mean the mail server is busy? why does this exception appeare after sent 25 emails everytime? I need your help, thanks!

Hello,all my friends:
I prepared for SCJP about nearly two month and pass now.
Thanks for helps.But now I have not determined which to prepare next,SCWCD,SCBCD,or SCJD? Need your suggestion!
Best Regards
16 years ago
it was this:
a.m1();//print A1 A1B0;new A().new B();crate the second o of A and the first o of B
A a = new A();// print A0,the first Object of A created

a.m1();//print A1B0;new A().new B();crate the second o of A and the first o of B
a.m2();//print B();"this" is the A of main and its conut is 0. new B(),create the second o of B,so B1

a.m3()://print A0B2 :new B(); equal to B();the third B is created

maybe I am right and hope is is help
char is unsigned prim
so the rang is 0-62235
thangs you ,veesam sridhar,and any other guys.
I have the same doubt about String for some time
there is a copy of refence passed into call method.
So both this.s and local s are not changed
the finally clause of a try block is executed regardless catch or uncatch exception .Except exit JVM by system.exit(1).
A constructor can call another constructor only using "this".