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Recent posts by Saurabh Chaubey

Can anyone tell me what happens when we set a null key object e.g. request.setAttribute(null,new Integer(4)); in the request.setAttribute method in a jsp.Is there any exception thrown. I tried it and on the local machine no exception was thrown but when i tried to access the jsp remotely then an IllagalArgumentException was thrown. Please can anybody explain me the exact functionality of the request.setAttribute method.

Thanks in Advance.
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Thank you All for your wishes!!!

Saurabh Chaubey,
Thanks Somnath!!!
Well HFEJB is a must. Apart from this Mikalai Zaikin's notes are really good. And all doubts even the basic EJB functionality issues to be cleared by referring to the EJB specs.

Saurabh Chaubey
I cleared SCBCD 1.3 with 92% score.I would like to thank Kathy and Bert for the wonderful HFEJB which is a must for anyone who's planning to give SCBCD Exam. I would also like to thank all the fellow ranchers for sorting out all my doubts and queries which did help me a lot while preparing for the exam.

Saurabh Chaubey
Thanks Amol for the explanation!!!
Can anyone please answer my query or give the post to follow if it is a duplicate query?
Hi Awishek, can you explain if the CreateException should also be declared in the throws clause of the Session Beans...or not.
Can someone explain me the meaning of the following statement:-


  • use the subclass or object substitution features of the Java Serialization Protocol.
  • should not define a new class in an existing package.

  • Thanks in advance!
    I have the following questions regarding Entity beans:-

    1. Why the ejbCreate() method in an entity bean always return null? Is this behaviour ejbCreate() method same for both CMP and BMP Entity beans?

    2. If ejbActivate() and ejbPassivate() methods in an entity bean can get a reference of their EJBObject, then why these methods cannot access the security information about the client?

    Thanks in advance!
    Congratulations Chandra !!!
    Thanks a lot for the explanation.

    The entity Bean Provider MUST NOT attempt to modify the values of cmr-fields in an ejbCreate<METHOD>(...) method. This should be done in the ejbPostCreate<METHOD>(...) method instead.

    What is the reason behind for the above statement to be true?

    Thanks in Advance!!
    Congratulations Gowher Naik