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Daniel del Castillo

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Recent posts by Daniel del Castillo

Hello Marcus,

I'm confused with the behavior of the app when doing a redirect o forward. After doing a call to any of these methods from a servlet or filter, the control is get back to the caller of such method, but in some app server I get an error if I try to write in the response's stream and no error in other but the content written by the caller is discarded. Can you clarify this? What should be the behavior according to the standards for both filters and servlets?

Hey guys, any of you know when is gonna be available the Web Components certification for J2EE 1.5?
Somebody could guide me through the setup of OAS in Eclipse IDE 3.2? I don't know if need any plugin or something else. Settings OAS from generic server configuration could be a good start point. Please help...

Thanks in advance
16 years ago
Thank you guys. I'll check it out right now...
[ November 15, 2005: Message edited by: Daniel del Castillo ]
Somebody knows if there is somebody doing a framework or something similar to work whit AJAX? Or maybe some sort of specialized editor?

My questions is because working with asynchronous in the current way we do requeries a big effort for doing a good interface.

Hey dudes,

I'm doing some jasper reports and I'm having few troubles with subreports. I have a main report (lets say Order) with two subreports. The first shows a list of items, the second a list of payments. The tow problems I have:

1.- When I print the report, one blank page is generated at the end of the PDF file; no matter how many orders I'm printing.

2.- The items subreport always prints exactly 16 items and then a new page is generated, leaving a blank space (more or less half a page).

Doing some testing, I supress the items subreport and then everything works fine. I'dont know what could be the problem. Boh subreports are similir and have the same configuration, but the first is doing some weird thing.

Please, any suggestion?

Thanks in advanced
16 years ago