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since Mar 13, 2001
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Recent posts by Gaurav Kalra

Pls help me as to how we can read primitive types like int from the console. Assuming i try to enter 24 from the console.
23 years ago
Hi all,
i'm gaurav kalra from delhi, india. Currently i'm preparing for scjd.
Anyone who is interested in studying/preparing/discussing with me, pls mail me at or reply to this topic.
I'm developing a site in which i'm continuously overwriting a file with more contents. But the page when refreshed doesn't reflect the changes.
However if i download the page using ftp, the page actually contains more data.
What could be the problem. Please help.
Also in a user input form, if the user enters a text containing quotes, then the sql query reports an error. Is there any possible solution.
Thanx in advance
23 years ago
im using so what's my smtp server name.
23 years ago
Can anyone tell me the smtp mail server address, that would allow me to send mails thru my jsp code.
23 years ago
Hello all,
i'm developing a site in which i am having the following problems.
1) Suppose i wish to show the user some information and then i want to redirect him to another page. How do i do that.
2) Using JSP how can i send mail to someone.
3) How can i have a page be executed every day at a particular time. Will Thread.sleep() help me.
4) Can i have subqueries in MySQL. I have problems in executing my query which has a subquery.
Any help will be greatly acknowledged. I know maha anna will surely reply. Thanx to her.
23 years ago
I guess u could also use javascript for that.
23 years ago
Hello to all,
Well i'm gaurav kalra from delhi and would like all people to join hands for the developer certification, be it the persons who r currently working on the assignment, or just starting out, or at any stage.
If anyone is interested please contact me at or reply to this message.
All the best to all preparing for the exam
Please guide me as i am unable to create tables for my site at
23 years ago
Thanx Dominic, Jane for all those information.
Well Jane, i thought the spellings of my name was
a typo by u, but it is gaurav. Not that i'm complaining
but i thought u missed it the first time.
Thanx for the name of the book and the information
regarding the results. I surely will check it out.
Well i would definitely register for the exam in a day
or too. Dominic has been real fast and he is going
great guns.
Hi dominic,
Hope u r still coding in the best language in the world.
(Earlier my favourites were C and C++, not that i don't
enjoy coding in C and C++, but i like Java more than
So is it real difficult to wait for the Advanced Java
course. Well i think it really is. Don't worry time
runs like anything.
I really liked u'r idea to know about each other. All
my life i wanted to make friends on the internet, and
i think this is the best time of my life to have friends
who have the same interests as mine.
Well my full name is Gaurav Kalra, am 22 yrs old and
live in Delhi, India. I have completed my graduation
in Computer science and currently i'm doing my masters
in software engineering. I am a fan of Nirvana, Bryan adams
and many more with smells like teen spirit of Nirvana being
my favourite.
I started programming in 1996, and my first language
was Pascal. Then the thing never stopped and worked
a lot in C, C++, VC++, VB, Sybase, Access, Perl, PHP,
ASP, JSP, mSQL, Oracle.
But i have programmed little in Java, although i've
been with Java for the past 3 yrs. But i guess i'm so
strong in C, C++ programming and i know java well in
terms of its difference with C and C++, that i will
have no problems. This is the reason i was asking about
the maximum time duration reqd to complete the assignment.
I am currently working on making an intercative website
using jsp (Although i don't use JSP tags much and it almost
consists of the java code quering databases and sending
the responses).
I guess that's what u were asking for. I would definitely
want to know more about u both - where r u from, what r u
doing, what u like, u'r experiences and many more things.
Hope u'll reply soon. We'r gonna do it in style.
23 years ago
Thanx maha anna,
u've been a great source of inspiration for me. I would like to thank u for answering my question as u r the only one who always reply to my questions.
I've got one more question for which i've not been able to find the answer. Because u r a SCJ2P, can u please guide me how can i see my result on the internet. I've got my candidate ID and registration ID.
I know that this doesn't belongs to this thread, but i think u'll never mind.
Thanx for all the help
23 years ago
Hi Dominic!
u've been fast on that. Well i don't know what to do ( or rather how to go about it). I think first i have to register with sun and then download the assignment.
Do u know in how much time i can clear the exam. I would definately want to do it as soon as i can. By the way, how do u see the result of u'r certification on the net.
I've got my candidate id and registration id, but not the password. I would definately be in touch with u and it's a good feeling of preparing for the developer exam with "Dominic".
See ya later
23 years ago
Hi all,
I went to a site called and was asked to login. But i don't know what to enter for the prometric Id - the candidate ID or the registration No. . Also what's the password for the exam.
Please guide me how to view the results.
From inside the jsp code, i want to know what directory it was requested from. How can i do that. Does the getServletContext() provides for it.
23 years ago
Thanx Dominic,
I too have decided to go in for the developer exam. R u just starting for the exam. I am. If u r too, then it's really encouraging to go in for the developer exam with u.
I've read u'r lots of post and like them all. Stay in touch.
23 years ago