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Recent posts by Sharath

I cleared my SCWCD with 88%. Thnx to all of those who replied to my queries. Thnx a lot to Bert Baites, Kathy Sierra and Bryan for their wonderful book. This book teaches u the concepts in a practical way. Regarding the exam, JWebPlus is really good for practising. It helped me a lot. Planning to take SCBCD in another 3-4 months.


SCJP 1.4 - 93%
SCWCD 1.4 - 88%
Hi guys/gals,
My voucher for taking SCWCD expires on 30th of this month. I am not able to take the exam because of project deadline. My project manager has asked me to take it next month. So if anyone is taking the exam before the end of this month and not yet purchased the voucher, plz let me know. \

15 years ago
"A security constraint that does not contain a user-data-constraint shall combine with other userdata-constraints to cause the unprotected
connection type to be unprotected only."

can anyone explain this ? i didnt get it.
i was just going thro the servlet specification on security and found this line where it says
"The security model does not apply when a servlet uses the RequestDispatcher to invoke a static resource or servlet using a forward or an include "

Will this rule apply when u fwd or include to a JSP(even jsp is a servlet rt) ???
thnx a lot narendra. i had this doubt for a very long time. but i asked it today. now i am clear with this. actually i had refered to errata long back and thr was a bit of confusion. anyways thnx.
hi Narendra,

i didnt get u. can u plz explain it once again ?


Here there is no <http-method> element. This means that nobody can make a request to /acme/retail/* (even CONTRACTOR and HOMEOWNER or anyone who doesnt hav a role defined).

is this right ?

thnx in advance

Hi all,
It is written in the specification that the method
"Object findAttribute(String name)" searches for the named attribute in page, request, session (if valid), and application
scope(s) in order.

Suppose i have one attribute set in request and one more in session with the same String name. So if i use the above method i wil get the attribute set in the request.

If i want to get the attribute set in session then i hav to use
"Object getAttribute(String name, int scope)".

is this rt ?

if its wrong someone correct me.

thnx in advance.

In the above link, the PPT files are not thr.(404 error)
Can someone give me the correct link for this ?
Thnx in advance.

Hi all,
I have a doubt regarding <http-method> element inside <security-constraint>.

What will happen if there is no <http-method> element inside this ?

All the methods are constrained/restricted or alllowed ?

when i checked the errata for HFSJ, it was given that all methods are allowed by a client to access a resource when <http-method> is not present.
Hi all,
can anyone tell me whether the std actions covered in HFSJ is enough for the exam or is there any other std actions which i have to study from the spec ? I saw many of them when i went thro the spec. Anyone who has taken the exam got any question on std actions other than those specified in HFSJ ?

Hi bhavna,
Thnx for tht correction. Wht about tht Q-12(page no:430) ?
Hii all,
Can someone tell me the solution for the above two problems plzzz ??
Hi Amit,
Congrats for passing SCWCD with 95%(cool). I checked the cost of that JWebPlus simulator, its 35$(almost Rs.1500) while whizlabs is costlier. I wil see to it, i may buy JWebplus sim. Actually Whizlabs simulator helped me a lot when I was preparing for SCJP 1.4.

Hi all,
I have 2 Queries.
1. In HFSJ(page no:395), its written that EL is null friendly. It handles unknown or null values so that the page still displays, even if it can't find an attribute/property/key.

But in Q-17(page no:432, mock questions), one of the correct options is C.
C is incorrect rt ?
It should not throw any exception, i.e if the property does not exist, it should display nothing.
Even in Q-19(page no:429) the output for ${param.middlename} displays nothing, as middlename does not exist.

Plz correct me if Iam wrong.

2. In HFSJ(page no: 415, include review), according to 5th point:
Either mechanism can include dynamic elements (JSP code with EL expressions, for example) as well as static HTML pages.

But in Q-12(page no:430), the correct option is only C. It should be both A and C rt ?