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Recent posts by Nizar Hussein

Hello all, today I passed SCDJWS with 91%.
my preparation was hard and it took a lot of time.
first of my preparation problems finding a good book, I got Monson's book, as a new technology with no experience in Web Services, I read the book for the first time just to read and get a very high level information.
I read it another time and the idea had been cleared.
This book is not that perfect, many objectives does not exist in it such as security and design patterns.

anyway, I am glad that I get rid from it, I am thinking about my next step.
16 years ago
Congarulations, that's a great mark, so, whats next with you?
16 years ago

actually i bought RMH book, can you tell me how to read this books, it is full of information and contains load of information that sometimes i can't remember.
Are there some topics that we should avoid reading it? do you have experience in Web Services? how much it took to get the exam??

congratulation again and wish to get SCEA soon
17 years ago
About three weeks ago i sent an email to the publisher company of the book and the replied this book will be released in August 1, 2007
Today i passed SCEA part one with 93%

I used two books for studying, the first one is "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Study Guide (Exam 310-051)" book which is not that good for studying, but it gives you a very good idea about Architect and J2ee technology in general, but for exam its not that good.

the other one is "Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology Study Guide" which is simple and precise, and i recommend this book for studying, its short and free from unnecessary information outside the exam objectives, but this book is not covering all the objectives like "legacy systems".

A very helpful notes and study guides exist at

as a conclusion, the first book i mentioned is very good but not for the certification, just for knowledge, but i think reading it is important for people who are not expert as architects.
and the second one is good for the exam.

please don't hesitate to ask me any questions about the exam
17 years ago
3amroooo, Mubarak ya 3amroo.

Congratulations Amr, please post your notes and ideas about the exam.

yalla shed 7alak 3alli ba3dha.

what is your next step?
17 years ago
men wain enta?
17 years ago
Mabrook 3abed
17 years ago
Yesterday i took Business Developer certification exam and i succed.

by the way, EJBPLUS and whizlabs simulaters are sucks, i took their exams and i failed in each one.

i studied using headfirst, there are some points that Kathy and Berts didnt explain much, such as (REENTRANT beans) i still dont know what that means.
17 years ago
Congratulations, great score
thatnks for charing your feelings, actually i have nothing to add more than what ranchars wrote, all what i have to say that good luck and don't rash taking the exam, be patient.
i am studying SCDB now, and i understand everything, and i have no experience, theory is enough
oh sorry, didn't read this (but I do have prior EJB experience.)

Really ??? you got the certification after just 27 days of studying??? do you have an experience working in EJB so that you just took 27 days or you are new in EJB??