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Recent posts by Abhinav Gogna

Thanks All.

Ashok Reddy, to answer your query, you could buy jwebplus by purchase order too. Go online and check out there website. Hope that helps.


Somebody will probably ask you to change your name as per Javaranch naming policy, might as well do it now at https://coderanch.com/forums/user/edit.

For my prep I used HFSJ, and jwebplus. jwebplus license is tied with your computer's mac address. Even I cant use it on another computer.

[ May 31, 2006: Message edited by: Abhinav Gogna ]
After 3 months of preparation and reading the book for more then 4 times, I finally made it.

Thanks to all the Head First authors for creating such a wonderful book.

For my preparation, I read Head first 4 times and used Enthuware Jweb plus exam. I took the HF final mock exam a day before and I got 52% only, which scared the sh** out of me. I read the entire book again, in one day, and did 7 mock exams of enthuware.

My score on the exam was 84%, not great but I am happy with it. Enthuware saved my bu**.

I would like to be a part of the study group too.

I am in Maryland.

This is typical classpath problem. I ran into the same problem while doing the struts version of this app.

The solution is while compiling include the folder in your classpath where the BeerExpert class is saved.

Try using this command
javac -cp /tomcat/apache-tomcat-5.5.12/common/lib/servlet-api.jar;classes src/com/example/web/BeerSelect.java

The difference between this is and the one in the book is ";" instead of ":".

":" is used for unix. Authors use the most advanced os called Mac OS X (UNIX underneath) but for windows you would have to use ";" for classpath.

Hope it helps.

BB & BB cloneable interface, lol

I think he is referring to Bert Bates and Bryan Basham (BB, BB), but it's funny in a geeky way.
I have heard this in SCJP forum also. It sucks totally.

Mani Kanth you should get in touch with Evelyn Cartagena-Meyer. She is a member at javaranch. Let her know the exact details about center id, name, etc..
Me 4. I read the entire SCJP certification book on my Powerbook. Its convenient and fast. I would love to have a pdf version of Head First servlets and jsp.
Can't you just put that as an Instance variable instead of defining in the initializer block.

For eg:

class abc{
private int 1; // ----> is accessible by all the methods within the class only.

This is a constructor.

This is a method with the [B] Test object [/B} return type. Java is oo language and you can return objects as well as primitives.


This is a constructor.

This is a method with the [B] Test object [/B} return type. Java is oo language and you can return objects as well as primitives.


See above. Value is 5 because its not object reference you are returning but primitive. a is already returned before the finally block is run. If you put return a in finally block then it returns 6.
Inner class can refer to instance, static and final variables. p1 is a local variable defined in method parameters. Its visibility is within that method only.

Notice p2 is final, thats why compiler does not complain then and so is l2.

Hope this helps!
For valid override, return type must match and since you didnt change the parameters (or arguments) this is not a overload either. That's why the compiler is complaining.
Binary representation of -129 is
11111111 1111111 11111111 01111111 not

11111111 11111111 11111111 10000001.

Try the 2's complement now.

Whenever in doubt, you can use Integer.toBinaryString(int) methood to convert decimal numbers to binary.