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Recent posts by Scott Selikoff

Campbell Ritchie wrote:You're joining Jeanne, I see. Well done The sooner your book comes out, the better, I think.

I "took one for the team" taking the 1Z0-815 exam first... she took the 1Z0-816 first this time.  That said, I think it was the 1Z0-815 I should have studied more for.  It wasn't that it was hard (although it was) as I was just expecting it to be on the level of the 1Z0-808 exam, which it certainly was not!

To put it another way... For Java 8, the first exam was a lot easier than the second exam.  For Java 11, they balanced them so they are equally as difficult, by moving some of the hard material to the first exam.
2 weeks ago
I took the 1Z0-815 exam a few months back and 1Z0-816 exam this week and pleased to report I am now Java OCP 11 Certified!

I typed up some impressions on the blog  My Experience taking the new Java SE 11 Programmer II 1Z0-816 Exam

Fun fact: I walked into the 1Z0-815 2 days after it was announced, no studying.  I was 'surprised'.  This time I spent a fair amount of time studying and reviewing the new material.  Finished in about 90 minutes, with the rest of the time to review.  Studying paid off, as I appeared to miss only a handful of questions.

We're done with the 1Z0-815 book (on its way to print!), and I'm quite confident the 1Z0-816 book will contain everything you need to pass this book or the 1Z0-817 ugprade exam.  A lot of material to cover though!
2 weeks ago
Oh, and congrats Jeanne!  I'm disappointed it's not a 100%, but.. I suppose we can chalk that up to errors in the question text  
2 weeks ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Well done How can you expect anybody to sit an exam if you aren't prepared to sit it yourself?

It's really difficult!  We use what they've done in the past as a guide, but given the changes they made with the Java 11 exams, that can only get us so far.  One fun fact:  We don't take exams like other people.  Our goal isn't even to pass, but to review each and every question and make sure there's not a single topic we missed covering in our books.  Right now, we're confident our new books will cover the material, and well, but it's a lot of things to consider.

One aspect that makes the new certifications especially challenging is that Oracle made the objectives *alot* more vague.  For example, compare these two objectives from the OCP 8 and OCP 11 exams, respectively:
  • Use BufferedReader, BufferedWriter, File, FileReader, FileWriter, FileInputStream, FileOutputStream, ObjectOutputStream, ObjectInputStream, and PrintWriter in the package. [1Z0-809]
  • Use I/O Streams to read and write files [1Z0-816]

  • Notice the difference?  In the previous exam, they told you exactly what classes and interfaces you needed to study.  In the new exams, they left it wide open.  In practical terms, the new list should be similar to the previous list, but that's not guaranteed.  They could add new classes... even at a later date after the exam has been released!

    The result is we have to cover a lot of material in a short number of pages, to ensure our readers are fully prepared for the exam!
    2 weeks ago
    I'm thrilled to announce that Jeanne Boyarsky, my wonderful co-author and close friend, has been granted the very exclusive title of Java Champion at QCon today!

    What's special about these titles is that Java Champions are community nominated and come from a wide variety of areas. They are chosen by demonstrating excellence in the Java community, often assisting their peers, and being an influential member of the Java world.  Jeanne has done all of these things as a successful author, public speaker, and active member of the online community.

    I'd like to wish Jeanne a hearty congratulations!  You do a lot for the Java community, more than can be measured.  You were always a Java Champion to me, even without the title  

    2 months ago

    Paul Anilprem wrote:

    Scott Selikoff wrote:

    Dates is the only grey area.

    Did you get any question on it?

    It's a grey area.  Yes and no.

    Mikalai Zaikin wrote:Hi Scott !
    I wonder what sort of questions were about Modules topic.
    Are they only technical ones, with code snippets?
    Because there is one objective "Describe the Modular JDK" - seems it's more theoretical.

    All of the above.  I went into some detail in my blog post.
    Oh, they are far from gone.  Assume you need to know everything in core java features to pass.

    Dates is the only grey area.
    Where did you order it that you saw this cover online?
    I would wait if you're thinking of taking the exam (unless you're also writing a study guide).  As I detailed here, I took the first exam already and even it is quite different from the previous OCA 8, despite having similar objectives.  They made the objectives much more vague and all encompassing than the previous set.  You need to know a lot of topics from the OCA 8 and OCP 8 exams just to pass the first OCP 11 exam.

    In short, both exams are now difficult.  There's no 'easy' exam anymore, so better off waiting for now!
    I ran to take the Programmer I (1Z0-815) exam the day after it was announced.  Anyone here thinking of taking it should really read my blog post

    In short.. it resembles the previous OCA 8 but is definitely not the same exam.  It's more on the level of difficulty of the OCP 8 exam.

    If you're thinking of taking the exam, feel free to ask me questions and as long as they aren't about very specific aspects of the exam, I will do my best to answer.
    Ah, yes, the answer is correct, but the alternate text is wrong.  I believe in the original version, the lambda was actually:

    Somewhere along the way, the {} was dropped, making the alternate answer incorrect.  Thanks for finding this, we will update the text!
    First off, thanks for your feedback.  I’ve reviewed it and don’t spot any errata here.  Did you try executing the code?  The ExecutorService has only one thread, so everything happens in serial.  Also, did you read the statement at the start of the question?

    “Assuming 100 milliseconds is enough time for the tasks submitted to the thread executor to complete, what is the result of executing the following program?”

    There is more than enough time for the threads submitted to the executor to finish and output 100 100.
    Congratulations!  Glad we could help!
    Good job!  Glad you made it!  Not an easy exam!