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Originally posted by M Prembroke:

Let's hope I'm wrong!

I hope so!

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20 years ago
Hi All,
According to cnn "Nasdaq shines on Wall St. Ahead of holiday weekend, technology index posts best point gain in 2001"
I have some questions regarding this news:
1. Do this reflect that slow down of US economy is finish?
2. Approximatelly how much time it will for economy take to go back to its normal position?
3. What effect it will have on Job market and can we expect that demand of IT professionals will increase again?
4. Approximate how much time it will take for companies calling H1 visa holders to US? (which was stopped due to slow economy)

20 years ago
Its really a good site
How you collect all these links?
Is this your personal project?
Thanks Mirko
for your detailed reply
So whats the criteria?
Should we post more and more messages?
Or anyone with even single posting can be selected?
So how to start my first program of XML.
Like If I can work in JSP, how I can use XML instead of MySQL or access table in JSP.
How can I store data using XML tags. Should I have to type the whole stuff my self or there is any tool available to put data in XML.
I am pretty confused about use of XML at the moment . May be a practical example can help.
Please provide me guidline to do my first assignment of XML.
Thanks Jana & Mapraputa
These are really helping links
I am SCJP and going to USA on H1 visa. Somebody told me to learn the XML as it is going to be very popular in USA. Can anybody confirm me about this?
I am new to XML and I have 1/2 months before joing my new job in USA. How much time I need to learn XML and what is the practical assignment I should do?
I am SCJP2 and hear a lot of popularity of XML, can anybody suggest me some good, simple and free XML tutorials with PRACTICAL EXAMPLES. I stress on PRACTICAL EXAMPLES as you can only learn by practically applying the things.
And what about the security?
Is XML data is secure as other database like oracle, mySQL?
I am new to XML. I go throgh a tutorial on XML, but I understood that XML can only be used for configuation files. We can do this by any text file, then what is the use XML?
Can anybody tell me?