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Recent posts by Don Patel

One of our clients in North Hollywood is seeking a Technical Project Manager/Tech Lead who has strong experience with J2EE. Must prior experience as a Manager as well as strong hands on J2EE experience. Client will also consider a strong .Net architecture, but their primary preferences is for a J2EE Project Manager.

Job Responsibilities:
-As a Project Manager you will be leading a team of talented developers building large scale, mission critical software systems for Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 Clients. These systems include Application Development, Enterprise Application Development (EAI), Systems Integration, Data Warehousing and Data Mart Development, Corporate Portals, Mobile and Wireless Technologies, Supply Chain Automation, B2B E-Commerce, Retail & Distribution Order Management , Website Integration and Securities Trading Management .

Our systems are built using the latest technologies including J2EE, Java, Enterprise JavaBeans, Oracle, SQL Server, .Net and C# to name a few.

Four to six years of experience managing a team of Software Developers.
Strong development experience with web based technologies and databases. J2EE is highly preferred, but .NET architecture experience will be considered as secondary
Ability to establish work plans, deliverables and staffing needs for each project.
Experience with system design and architecture.
Ideal candidate will have a Bachelor*s in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
Exceptional leadership and communication skills.
Excellent work ethic. Must be willing to put in extra hours to meet client demands.
Willing to travel. (up to 75%). Travel could be to the LA area.
Must be authorized to work in the United States.
16 years ago