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Decrementing the counter, after "just" 18 weeks of email checking and waiting I've received the congratulations email today.
Counter = 26

I'm in the same situation, I appeared for the essay part on June 17th, I had the Dreamcar assignment and I uploaded it to Pearson using a transition voucher received from Oracle. After a couple of weeks, seeing that most of the people receive an email announcing that their assignment is sent for grading I sent an email to Oracle asking them if they have all three parts of my exam and when it is going to be sent for grading. They answered me that everything is ok and that I should just wait for their result email. There have passed more then 16 weeks since then and I'm still waiting. I'm very disappointed by the way they are handling this situation, at least they could have sent an email every 4 weeks informing me about the status instead of all the automatic answers to my emails and the SR responses that can never be accessed.
11 years ago
Hello everybody,

I appeared for part 3 on June 17th and I'm, as well, still waiting for the result. I also emailed Oracle and posted some SR into their system but still nothing. The frustrating part is that I've posted one more SR asking about the status of my exam and I received an email saying that the SR was updated and a link to go see the update. The link seem to work only for the Oracle employees so I posted a question on the forum asking the Oracle people how can I see what the update was. The answer I've received was referring to the email everybody received, the one announcing that they are experiencing some delay in exams evaluation but no real clarification. What can I say? I'm really disappointed that a company as huge as Oracle cannot foresee the consequences of their decision regarding the exam policy. My employer is paying for my certification and he is constantly asking about the result but I have no more answers, I have nothing from Oracle than the generic email regarding the delay in evaluation.

Please send me the pdf file at Thank you very much.
The answer is E. The member class variable x is declared using the default access modifier in class Test1 so it is visible only inside the package test1. Trying to access it in class Test2(found in package test2) will generate a compilation error.

I would say that the two correct answers are C and E.

The others are not valid because they are trying to access in a static context a non-static variable (d, in the outer class, is a non-static member variable).
The result will be a compile time error because of the line 3 "static int i = 0;". You cannot use static for a local variable. The error message will be "illegal start of expression".

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
I would say that the correct answer is "D. Line 10" and the compile time error will be something like "Unreachable code statement". Because of the while(true){} statement, the statement at line 10 could never be executed.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

'b' is of type Long while 'bt' is a Byte object. equals() returns false if the object types are different.

So, because b and bt have different types, b.equals(bt) will always return false.

Yes, the wrapper classes override the equals() method, but according to javadoc of equals() in wrapper class Long: "Compares this object to the specified object. The result is true if and only if the argument is not null and is a Long object that contains the same long value as this object".


I was using the Khalid Mughal's test and I found the following question:

There are three correct answers and the answers provided by the author are:
a)A Bar is a Baz.
b)A Foo has a Bar.
c)A Baz is a Foo.
d)A Foo is a Baz.
e)A Baz has a Bar.

I found two of them: c) and e) but I do not seem to find the third.
Could you please tell me what could be the third correct answer?

Thank you.