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since Oct 28, 2005
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Recent posts by Viky Kyle

While searching through many companies site I found a lot of openings for .net,, c# etc. Shall I start learning .net
or java/j2ee is also eqaully hot and looks good for future also.
I know Java is huge technology but I do not have exp. (I am scjp)
so I should try and find java job or .net also good.

I am asking this qst because for experienced people it is easy to find java jobs now but what will it be like in future? java/.net.
[ October 29, 2005: Message edited by: Viky Kyle ]
18 years ago
similar story,
me from India, Computer Engineer also scjp.
18 years ago
I am fresher from India.
I have done engineering and also scjp, I am looking for a job
in mean time what shall I do (as I am free).
I have done course in adv java, .net and j2me.

So experienced people please advice what shall I do that
will improve my chances of getting job in programming on java platform.

Shall I do small projects in servlets/jsp or shall I learn a particular thing if so which tech or ....

what interviewer generally look for (so that I can improve on it).
can I ask them like will I get to work on java platform or it is bad practice.

please advice.
[ October 28, 2005: Message edited by: Viky Kyle ]
18 years ago