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Arun Bhardwaj

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Both certificate have different market value. If you want to do both in future, first go for SCBCD, and then you can think for SCDJWS.
Hi folks,

I am planning to give SCJD asap. I gave SCJP1.4 in Feb-2007. can i give exam SCJD, which i think with J2SE.5? Am i eligible for this?
Or do i need to give scjp for 5 or 6?? Or any period, within i can give scjd?
Please give me your valuable suggestion on this.

Thanks in advance!!!
Apologies to all..
I was trying to reply for one post, but by mistake i put in new post...
And i am not able to delete this also. Only admin can do this.
sory for that.

Head first is really book , which i found...
But both are good..
I have two books, Head First and Study kit by Sanghera.
Can you tell me any other book for certification specific for EJB2.0?
Are these books are sufficient for this paper, even i have some Mock paper as well..
Hi.. while i was preparing for SCBCD, i got some question in my mind, which i am not able to find out in book.

1. Container call callback method ejbPassivate(). Can user/client able to force to container for Passivate the bean?

2. What is the main logic or main business to create Home? and what is significance to putting different method in Component and in Home interface?

3. Why three remove() method are there? How can we remove local session bean?

Thanks in advance!!!
Hi Folks.

Thanks to you all my dearer rancher... !!!

Hi all,
I am happy to share my success with you again that i cleared SCWCD exam with 88%. Even two month ago, i never thought that i would give this exam ever... but there were some favourable condition arose.. and i decided to prepare for this.
88% is good score for me... i spent 5 hrs at least in day for 20 days at least.. and before one week of exam, i spend more time.
Of course Head First is really a good book..

Now i am thinking for next i.e SCBCD asap.
So tell me what should i do. i decided for EJB 2.0 now.

Ok keep in touch..
hi ashraf
First of all congrt for you..
and thank you very much you spent your time with us to tell your exp..
i was also thinking abt selection of EJB.. but after reading i have clear vision, that what should i do...
Thanks buddy..
and again congrt..
When i was looking for some mock test SCWCD, i could very few Mock test(2-3)... please provide me some link or through email.

Thanks to all my friends and for your cooperation
Sharan, i gave java1.4.
Please someone told me about next step for SCWCD...
and provide me some metirails..
although i have some with me from different website.
i just need the guide from you.

ok enjoy and keep in touch..
15 years ago
Hi All,
I recently join this community, while i was preparing for SCJP. 2 weeks preparation and help from this site. i could get the score of 86% in SCJP.
Thanks to all.

Now, I just need help for SCWCD. and in next month i am planning to give this exam. so please tell me how should i do this.
right now i am reading Hanumanth Deshmukh, and some notes from different websites. Let me know about SCWCD by D. bridgewater. Is there any online notes for this author.

Well thanks again.
15 years ago