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Recent posts by Goutham Reddy

I am able to get it now.Thank you Marc and Rajesh.
hi can any one say why i am not able to getParameter in jsp.
My servlet code

JSP code:result.jsp

HTML code:


when i access the page http://localhost:8080/testJSP3/form.html i am getting "Your hobby is ".Why i am unable to get the parameter from request.getParameter("hobby").
[ December 08, 2005: Message edited by: Goutham Reddy ]
Congrats!!! Karthikeyan
17 years ago
Congrats!!! satya
17 years ago
Hi naresh,
you can find about the book hereweb page
17 years ago
Yes u can request it here web page(SCWCD) and web page(SCBCD)
[ November 22, 2005: Message edited by: Goutham Reddy ]
17 years ago
Congrats!!! Pranav .
Go to web pageand request for logo.I think it works for india also.I got it the same way.
17 years ago
i got it.I zipped the com package from MyProject\beerV1\src\com... instead of MyProject\beerV1\classes\com...
if i set my class path as
E:\java\dev\MyProject\beerV1>javac -classpath E:\java\dev\MyProject\beerV1\src\ -d classes src/com/example/web/BeerSelect.java.

i am able to compile,i have my servle-api.jar in classpath.But i am getting error if i zip the package and place it in classpath
E:\java\dev\MyProject\beerV1>javac -classpath E:\java\dev\MyProject\beerV1\lib\com.zip -d classes src/com/example/web/BeerSelect.java

And error message is

E:\java\dev\MyProject\beerV1\lib\com.zip(com/example/model/BeerExpert.java):4: class BeerExpert is public, should be declared in a file named BeerExpert.java (source unavailable)
1 error
Congrates Srikant .Thats a great score
17 years ago
Thank u Bert and Vishwanath for your suggestion.its great to have comment from Bert.

17 years ago
hi sruthi,
As i said i followed K&B and kalid mughal.But i think going though the 1st three chapters and exception handling of kalid mugal should be enough.Then start with K&B and read each and every line in that book.Do all the chapter wise mock exams in K&B along with khalid mugal and Dans site as u prepare K&B.Have a look at the exam objectives and go though the mock exams given in javaranch.I could do only 2 K&B mock exams(82% & 87%),1 whizlabs exam(72%),3 Marcus exams( 78-86%).I think k&bs mock exams are close.Dans topic wise mock exams are tough but good way to prepare.Hope this helps you.
17 years ago
i took the test on friday and i cleared the exam with 90%.I lost in in Language Fundamentals(80%),i thought i would do well in that section.I followed K&B and Kalid Mugal for my preparation.K&B was great and Danchisholm mock exams were very useful for preparation.

But i got my name as GOWTHAM REDDY KANUGANTI instead of GOUTHAM REDDY KANUGANTI in my score card.How should i change that, is that enough if i inform to the test center.Did any one had such experiance.Please let me know.

[ October 31, 2005: Message edited by: Goutham Reddy kanuganti ]
17 years ago