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Recent posts by hemanth kumar

Well Paul
God i wish i could say it was a typo
Just shows what happens if u try to be extra smart without thinking properly

Originally posted by Paul Ralph:
It takes the earth one year to go around the sun, Making Hermanth 9855 years old. Congratulations! We have an immortal among us. Of course, if you meant the earth making a full spin on it's axis (1 day) that would make you a nice reasonable 27.
Paul R

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23 years ago
Yup i am the unfortunate recepient of that joke

Originally posted by Jim Yingst:
Srini- yes, I know. If you followed the link I gave, it went to an earlier conversation along these same lines. "He who wreaks havoc upon squealers" was a joke made by Nanhesru, which I found amusing.

23 years ago
My hats of to the person who found this equation

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23 years ago
Hi Angela
i hereby swear that whatever i say or write is nothing but the truth
There's nothing wrong in the meaning of Nanhesaru Ningyake.And the above stated meanings are exactly what they are
u can ask the concerned (Nanhesru) person with that name himself
Upon my honor

23 years ago
Well Srini
Why dont u say Ninhesaru Nangyake (Why do i require ur name )
23 years ago
Well the earth has rounded the sun approx 9855 times since i was born.
Oh why does the earth travel so fast!!
23 years ago

Originally posted by Eager Beaver:
Hi Guys,
Here comes another puzzle.....
A giant truck gets loaded to its max capacity and tips the scale on the weigh bridge at 10 tons. It starts from point A and after traversing a distance of 10 miles arrives at a bridge on river kiev. The board reading 'WARNING : VEHICLES NOT TO EXCEED TOTAL WEIGHT OF 10 TONS. 1 gram (CGS system) MORE AND THE BRIDGE COLLAPSES.' has been ignored by our careless driver. When he is about to get on the bridge a sparrow comes from nowhere and perches atop the truck and stays there while the truck traverses the bridge. Surprise of surprises the bridge remains intact and the truck is happily on its way. How did this miracle happen!!

PS : Hope u all have seen sparrows.
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[This message has been edited by Eager Beaver (edited May 02, 2001).]

Well when it moves 10 Miles, It looses some fuel. So the truck weighs less by the time it reaches the Bridge
Is this right?
Oops . Somebody has already answered this puzzle

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23 years ago
Well if they r from Southern part of India, There are 4 different languages from 4 different states
State Language Greeting
Karnataka Kannada Namaskara
Andhra Telugu Vandanam
Tamilnadu Tamil Vannakkam
Kerala Malayalam ???
Of course from each of these states u can find some more Sub Dialects of each of the languages.
If he/she is from Bangalore, then in all probability he/she will understand any of the above 2 languages including Hindi, English
23 years ago
Should Euthanasia be legalised?
My view on this matter is ,Yes it should be.Of course there should be some sort of strict authority control.
What is ur opinion on this matter?
23 years ago

Originally posted by Greg Harris:
sometimes when i was floating off the coast of iraq i wondered why i was there... i mean, why in the world would anyone want to stand 7 hour watches every 5 hours in 120 degree heat?
the answer is: if we (the US) did not stick our noses in iraq's business, Saddam would have run over Kuwait and then moved on to Saudi or Iran.

China has some serious nuclear power now, so we should definitely be concerened about what they are doing. fortunately for us, they do not have the capability to land on our shores (however they do have a new ballistic missile submarine)... but, that is also the reason they will use Taiwan to draw us into a conflict.

Do u think US would have rushed to save Kuwait if that region was not the oil reserves of the World.
C'mon !!!
My 2 cents

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23 years ago
There is no such thing as justice - in or out of court. -- Clarence S. Darrow

<quote>I flicked this from quotablequotes.net</quote>
23 years ago

Originally posted by liverpool alan:
Hi again,
Just wondering if any of you guys know anything about passing a variable into an SQL statement....e.g...
INSERT INTO TEST Data ( 1, ""+variable , 'Thursday', 1, 5 )
Can anybody clarify whether this is even possible (in any shape or form)???

"insert into test values (1,'" + variable +"','Thursday',1,5)"
Hi All
My name is Hemanth Kumar. Age 27.Unmarried (No GF !!!).
I work as a ecomm consultant in Wipro
I come from Bangalore,India
My Interests are reading and playing cricket.

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23 years ago
Word to word translation
chala = very
baga = good
vundee = it is
raa = man (singular - like telling o a friend)

23 years ago
It means
Its very good man!!!
23 years ago