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hema janani

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Recent posts by hema janani

I am Hema Janani-a sun certified java programmer(88%) & is looking out for junior-level programming,I already have an h1-b visa & is located in NYC,if suitable,kindly send a mail at
22 years ago
Hello Mark,
I am Hema Janani,Sun Certified Java Programmer(88%),I am ready so settle in min salary that you offer,coz for me learning is of first priority.I am situated at New York & already having H1-b visas & the work permit.I am looking out for junior level programming.How do i apply?If you are interested here is my email id
Thank you
22 years ago
hello friends I am bascically a green horn at programmers certification section.I cleared my Sun certification(scjp) on sep 2000 with 88% from I am at New York just finished 1 project on VB ,so i was out of touch with java & want to join cattle drive.........kindly guide me how do I acceed so that I am parallely in the same line/assignment with other guys.
Thank You
22 years ago
is it possible to get the sun certifieds logo on your resume online,(not the score,but the logo)kindly help me with the same.
hello,I am situated in India(mumbia),I am ready to relocate myself.I am + MBA + Sun Certified Java Programmer(88%)and 1 year of experience in servlets,jdbc,sockets etc.
you can see my online resume from the foll URL
if anybody interested please contact ASAP.
thank you
23 years ago

for the exams the ans to ur Qs is
1) The program exits via a call to System.exit(0);--true
2) Another thread is given a higher priority --true
3) A call to the thread's stop method.--true
4) A call to the halt method of the Thread class--false
(coz there is no method as halt in java)
Hi Raji
yes,mindQ is having 4 Qs with wrong answers,so please check itup.
the three methods sin,cos,tan accepts a double parameter & returns the result of their transedental function,where as asin,acos,atan takes a parameter the result of a transedental function & are the inverse of above methods.
in short all these methods belongs to Math class.
Tony is 100% correct & has told all of us the hard core of fact.
To Hitesh Mehta
Kindly read the "check the new FAQ" under the big one eyed moose with one fly.use the search faclity,still if u have Q ,u r most welcome.
[This message has been edited by hema janani (edited September 30, 2000).]
Hello dear Ranchites
note eople who r appearing within a week ,may not waste their time in reading this thread.
let me make a few complaints ::
I was under the impression that if u know some real Questions,U have to email the moderators directly.
since I had already appeared for this exam once & failed ,I was definitely being exposed to some real Question.& to my surprise when I emailed one moderator about clarifying few Qs,before I attempt 2nd time,the reply was the Q are from real exams & so he would not be interested in replying.
and I have literally seen that more than 70% qs. are being postmortem in java ranch publicly ,that is accepted.
isn't it a contradiction.
.I have gone th'each & every thread of java ranch,starting from 3rd of sep'1999-3rd of sep'2000-I did all this at my own pace ,
taking up the threads month wise.I did not read it only for exams,but somehow I really found the discussions very interesting.
I had asked for XXX'URL,coz in those days Shan was discussing lots of Qs,whose url I couldn't trace it.On asking the same in java ranch ,I got personal mails from moderators ,as to please stop asking for XXX,s url ,or else your thread would be deleted.At that time ,the whole world had that particulr URL,& me like a fool believed in their words & did not ask for more.the result was I failed by few ,I got 68% on my first attempt.
On my 2nd attempt I did a bit of R & D ,tried to do a bit of politics rather than java in this site & got hold of particular xxx's URL.
guess what ,on 29th of sep '2000 I cleared it with 88%.No doubt I had read jls,Patrick Nor.,Simon,BIll,& all the 42 mock test as listed in maha's site.I always use to score 70+& -.when u want to learn swimming u have to be all in water,bookish knowledge does not work,same way when u are learning a pro.lang-u have to eat ,drink ,only java.when I scored 68% I was really very happy coz the score belonged just to me & my hardwork,but after scoring 88%,I am not satisfied with myself.I remember 1 thread saying that the paper was so simple that he literally felt cheated by sun,I understood all the secrets as to how people scored 90+ just by studying for 2-3 weeks. I think Frank Carver ,Paul Wheaton are the real scjp.infact anybody who passed before 15th jan of this year ,should definitely be credited.leaving all this apart I hope moderators are reading between the lines.
This is something really interesting..My very first thread in java ranch was"need a tutor for scjp".........would be paid well.can u believe I got more than 15 replies from all over the world.since I reside in mumbai 13 of them were rejected due to ill locations.
I myself is an MBA & java being my first programming lang.I decided a deal with someone named daneb shah.I think moderators would remember him.he is the so called famous (DENISE THE MENACE)we met one day,& he disappered the very next day.The only reason for doing this could probably be
1.he did not like my face(kidding)
2 he found me too dumb to teach java. -THIS COULD BE???
I want to send him the message that I have scored almost the same marks as to what he had it.
Infact I had already secured a job in US based company in NEWYORK,even before I cleared my scjp,since I was already into the pool,I decided to swim,rather come out of water learning nothing.The best part is I had posted them the failure marksheet ,but since in 5 chapters I had 100% ,he was ready to hire me on that basis.I had a personal +phone interview which I would post it soon in my next thread ,so that people have an idea of the same.
.my special thanks to my inlaws who beared with me when I studied for about 10-12 hours together.
all active java ranchites who boosted my confidence for 2nd attempt.
to all the moderators-who has come up with this site,witout which it would have been impossible to clear this exams+helping on the minutest doubt which you have.
all java URL makers ,which gave an excellent platform before going for the exams.
last but not least Chetan nain,Abhilash,Taqi,Chen,Ajith,Maha for their timely response.
If any thing written unfair,moderators can delete this thread at their own will.please do not take it hard feelings/grudge for anyone.after all we belong to same family .
.The way one accepts/loves their lifepartner,in same way I love javaranch with all it's negatives.nothing compared to this's the no. one interactive site which I have come across.I would definitely continue to be here whenever I have time.definetly all my 88% belong to javaranch.
8 I have more than 50 theory Q on threads & gc ,I will post it ASAP in java ranch.
sorry for taking too much of your time.
Hema Janani/Chandra

[This message has been edited by hema janani (edited September 30, 2000).]
Hello java ranchites
I was too impatient to tell u the news that I have passed my scjp today before 1 hour.
I lost few marks becoz of two views on a particular Questions diccussed in javaranch,but got lots of marks becoz of detail explanation recv.from javaranch.
100% it was worth a deal.isn't it.
wait for my detail response in my next thread,after I reach my home.
Thanks a lot to Paul,Anna,Ajith & Tony.

I was desperately awaiting yours or maha's reply.
Thanks a million Ajith
I have collected all the theoritical Qs on GC as well as Thread
from various mock exams.out of which I had doubts on above five Qs.
I am appearing on 29th then I will post the whole database forthe benifit of others on java ranch.
no emails entertained asking for the same.
sorry to be bit rough.

Originally posted by Ajith Kallambella:
I agree with Ramesh. Given the statements as they are, all of them are false.
The option (e) is vaguely worded. The answer can be true or false. One can argue either way, however just don't get confused. I am 100% certain the questions in the actual exam will have definitive answers.
Where did you find this question??

thank you xing ying
oops ying xing
thanks Kishan
again 2-3 views of same Qs have started
so finally please someone confirm once that in exam if I come across the foll alternatives,all are marked as false. can directly run the GC whenever you want//false
b.GC runs in a low memory situation.--//false
c.only the objects whose ref are set to null are GC.--//false
d.The finalise method of the subclass has to make a call to the superclass finalise method.//false
e.The GC informs your object when it is about to be GC.//false