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Recent posts by Noel Anonas

Congrats and good luck to your next exam.
13 years ago
Hi Mikalai,

Yes, your security topics were very helpful.
If I remember right, the topics I encountered were about Hash Algorithm, Symmetric, Asymmetric, MD5, Man-In-The-Middle, JCA and ByteCode Verifier (need more info here) and others.

Thanks for your notes Mikalai.

God Bless.

13 years ago
Hi Vishal,

There are three parts in the SCEA exam.
Part 1 is a knowledge-based multiple choice exam in which it will test your knowledge in the areas of general architecture and Java EE.
Part 2 is an assignment that tests your ability to apply the knowledge you were tested on in part 1,
and Part 3 is an essay that asks questions about your assignment.
If you read my signature below, I only got SCJA and SCJP. Instead of getting the other Sun Certifications, I took the risk to try the SCEA5 exam, and now I'm happy because it's worth to take the risk.

You may do the same like what I did. My suggestion is you just really concentrate on your SCEA study, focus and also learn how the good architects think and decide.

Congrats Vishal for passing the SCWCD exam and Good luck to your next exam.


13 years ago
     After my long study and review in the preparation of my SCEA5 part 1 exam, I finally got it!
I have passed the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect 5 (SCEA 5) part 1 yesterday with 87% score.

The list of materials I used in my preparation:
      1. Java EE tutorial - Sun
      2. SCEA Study Sheet - Brian Briggman
      3. SCEA study guide - Mark Cade
      4. Core J2EE Design Patterns - Best Practices and Design Strategies
      5. Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable OO Software
      6. Head First Design Patterns - O'Reilly
      7. JSF in Action - Kito Mann
      8. EJB 3 in Action - Debu Panda
      9. SOA using Java Web Services - Mark Hansen
     10. SCEA5 Study Guide - Mikalai Zaikin (Security)
     11. Other SCEA Links, materials and SCEA Mock exams.

Thanks Ranchers for sharing the valuable information.

Best Regards,

Noel Anonas
13 years ago
JPA is usable not only for JavaEE but also for JavaSE.