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Recent posts by mani kanth

Hi, why can't you try in my company i2 technologies .its great company.Job is secured.And work environment is good too.It is in airport road bangalore.

send me your resume to me if interested.
17 years ago
hi am manikanth,am doing my mca final semester i have cleared my scjp and scwcd and currently preparing for scbcd and doing some projects on servelets and jsp's. i want to know the interview procedure in companies like Yahoo, Google and Sun. Is there any chance for the freshers who is doing PG in General College ( i mean am not from IIT ) So Plz let me know the details about the companies if anyone of you are working in or if any of ur colleagues plz let me know the details, currently am doing my mca in Bangalore. i Will be grateful for your action of kindness.
18 years ago
which of the following statements are about jsp:forward action is false?

a)if the page out put is buffered,the buffer is cleared prior to forwarding.

b) if the page out put is buffered and the buffer was flushed, the buffer is reset once again before forwarding.

c) if the page output was un buffered and anything has been written to it ,an attempt to forward the request will result in an


the answer what i expected was c.

and the answer what they had given is b.

how is it possible what happens about the third example. Any one explain this please. my dear friend its really great score............

hi satya,

i have a lot of resources on scwcd i collected a lot stuff from net. hope it helps you a lot so mail me your id i wil send you so that easily you can achieve yor goal with more confidance and early too.
am too preparing for from bangalore.

mail me at

hay you can do it da so dont worry one can easily find how much you struggled to score 91% in scjp. you show same effort here you wil get more then that. because in your post i found that you want to achieve some thing . keep on visit this ranch daily atleast 1 hour so that you wil gain a lot of confidance.
even some times i will boost up my confidance by ranchers.
and always some one wil be there to solve your doubts. (vishnu,fredric,radhika.......) am sure with in hours you wil get replies from any one of the ranch don worry start now hardly 2 months you can...

you can win the battle of life all you have to do is till the last minute dont leave the hope.

hi thanks friends(frederic,radhika,narendra) for solving my issue ...
please i have posted some more questions please see those posts and clarify
those doubts also.

Q1)Which EL expression evaluates to the request URI?

1) ${requestURI}
2) ${request.URI}
3) ${request.getURI}
4) ${request.requestURI}
5) ${requestScope.requestURI}
6) ${pageContext.request.requestURI}
7) ${requestScope.request.request.URI}

the given answer is:

but i think its 6.

how it is 1.

Q2)A JSP page needs to instantiate a JavaBean to be used by only that page.
Which two jsp:useBean attributes must be used to access this attribute in the JSP
page? (Choose two.)
A. id
B. type
C. name
D. class
E. scope
F. create

the given answer is:

i think its A,D

A JSP page needs to instantiate a JavaBean to be used by only that page.???

what is meant here used by onlythat page?
hi Frederic,

am so much thankful too you i already downloaded servlet spec link of yours.And i need to ask you one more thing like Servlet Spec Summary do you for jsp and jstl if you have please make it available .

thanking you always
hi Frederic ,thanks for wonderful explination really i understood very clearly.once again thanks for your answer and please keep on clarify my doubts what ever i post in this forum (because your answer is really clear)

I cannot let you cry like that

yes its true(haha)

and specially the links you provided are really helpful to me am going through that from past three days.
thanks and i have doubt should i read spec is it must.
What is the output at line 6 of the following code fragment? Consider that "postageType" already exists in the session.

1.<jsp:useBean id="postageType" scope="session"
2. class="com.baboon.scwcd.PostageType" >
3. <% postageType.setType("First Class"); %>
6.<%= postageType.getType() %>

what will be thew out put:

1 The output is: First Class
2 The output is: Second Class
3 The output is undetermined.
4 Compile time error.
5 Runtime error.

i have a doubt what and all we can use inside standard actions(scriplet,expressions,el...) what wil be the impact on the code how it wil behave

because the answer they had given for this is.

Answer 3 is correct.

The bean postageType is already present in the session scope, the JSP engine will skip the body of the useBean tag. The scriplet code at line 3 is not executed.The output of the scriplet code at line 6 cannot be predicted, the property has been set somewhere else.

A Java Bean is instantiated with the no-argument constructor in JSP pages, this does not give the Bean developer the opportunity to initialize the bean. If the bean was not present in the session the scriplet code from line 3 would have been executed, and the bean would be inititialized with "First Class".
This mechanism has been introduced to initialize Java Beans in JSP pages.

and every thing for me is confusion...please if any one with detail can help me..

PLEASE ,clarify my doubt

if we implement single thread model in a servlet when multiple requests comes multiple instances or created is it correct what i understood ..

hi guna,

nothing to worry if you want to know how real exam wil be take javaranch's mock exam and take anand chawla's exam your confidance will increase because it is the way how real exam wil be don worry prepare well da.
all the best.
great score...


your experiance really helps us how to proceed.

thanks and whats your next plan..