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Is there anyone in my situation? My coleague and I passed in the SCEA 5 beta. We know that because we saw our certification status in the i7 database.

In fact, I have bought the published credentials report.

But I haven�t received any email messages regarding my results and the Certmanager site only shows the first step.

And, of course, I haven�t received my certification pack yet, but this I can understand.

I am a little bit worried because some people have received their scores.

I have passed in the first SCEA exam in 2006. Now I have SCEA 5 beta.

I have been working as an architect for 4 years, working with international teams.

I do not agree with the traditional architect role, as stated by RUP. In fact, I think that an architect is the ultimate technical leader of the project and should be the "guardian" of the requirements traceability matrix and the code quality.

I am also responsible for profiling the code and architectural compliancy inspection.

In my vision, an architect must be a java black belt, even though he(or she) does not construct code, must be able to create proof-of-concepts to mitigate the technical risks.
Maea-hi, maea-hu, maea-ho, maea-ha-ha!

I am certified too!


I have passed too!

But I would like to know the details (the second part grade). I think they will send us an email.

First, I would like to thank SUN for the opportunity, and all the Javaranch people for the necessary support. Rest assured that I will make donations to keep this site going on!

Finally, I few words for the people that are still trying: DON�T GIVE UP! The door is narrow but the road ahead is very large.

Hei friends!

Despite of the final result, we are already champions! After all, we have passed thru a 159 question exam, a large project and a 9 question essay!

And all these steps have made me study more and be more qualified for the daily job!

So, good luck for you all but don�t be sad in case of a bad result. Just try again!

Uh, another important thing: DO NOT FALL IN THE TEMPTATION OF COMPARING RESULTS! For me it is binary: passed or not. The projects were different and the deadline was very short! I have had only two weeks to complete my project.

Remember: We are the Architects. Resistance is futile. The project managers will be assimilated.
Part II grade is the final result. Remember: part II and III are graded together.

I am SCEA and I am currently writing the PART II for SCEA 5.

I have lost some marks because I was concerned with the wrong things. For example, in SCEA 1.4, I was paying too much attention to interaction diagrams, and their value to the result was not so important.

In SCEA Beta 5 the same thing happens again, so, I would like to tell you that you must balance the effort spent in each deliverable according to its relative value.

You are required to produce a Candidate Architecture for a project, so, the requirements aren�t refined yet.

Pay attention to the right things and you will pass with a high score.
Maea-hi, Maea-hu, Maea-ho, Maea-ha-ha!

Dear Cleuton S De Melo Jr,

Congratulations! You passed the SCEA Part 1 Beta exam. Passing score is 57%, your score is 70%. We will be sending a separate email containing your Part 2 assignment (which is a PDF file), complete with instructions, within the next 8 hours. If you do not receive the second email containing the assignment within the next 8 hours, please notify us at Thank you.


It took me almost four hours! I have studied a little before the exam, but I am using the Java EE 5 tecnologies for a while (JSF, EJB 3.0 and others).

I have received the assignment and need to send it until December 12.
You will have to purchase three vouchers from SUN.

If I remember correctly, you will use your second voucher when you upload your project in the certification website.
Hi, I have used StarUML. It is free and easy and it can export the diagrams as bitmaps.
I havent studied much for the exam, but I think if I did, I would have passed!

The exam was not difficult for those who really are architects or experient developers. It is not for the weak at hart!

If you know the differences, advantages and disadvantages between: web-centric x ejb-centric, JSP x JSF, Two tier x three tier you will pass. Another subject that is very important is design patterns! Study GoF and J2EE Patterns SECOND EDITION!

I don�t expect to succeed but it was a very good exercise for the real test.
Dear friends, after passing SCEA, let's discuss the BIG picture: are PMI and RUP aligned with business needs in the present context?

Please, visit "" and contribute with your ideas. We are a bunch of people (some are IT professionals, and some are SCEA's) that are tired of being constrained by schedules and requirements.
Well, a good start is the JCA web site:

JCA is a good solution to legacy connectivity.

BTW, please visit my community: "", you will find a lot of Enterprise Architecture things there.

For me a travel agent is a kind of USER. Profiles do not apply to users, but to customers. When a TA books a flight on behalf a customer, he will use this customer�s profile.

To model a TA as a Customer without profile is not a good practice. They are different entities. The only thing they have in common is the fact that both are USERS.