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I am trying to execute a jar file which looks for a driver in another jar file.

Though I had the path in the classpath, you need to mention the class-path for the jar specifially. So, I have these lines in the manifest file,

But still, the jar file is not searched in the lib folder.
I get the following error -

By the way I am trying to use hibernate pojo generator project for which I am doing this.

Let me know if anyone has any solutions for the same.
12 years ago
XYWS has much similar questions. difficulty level same as that one.
I am unaware about the MZ
congrats..!! its really a great score..!!
16 years ago
hi when stateless session beans are employed they have no way to remember the previous history of the client... ie they have no idea about who the client is...
sessions are used to keep track of who the client is and what is his history..
that way ejb cant be used with sessions as they cant remember the session information and they are not requested to.
You can better go thru some EJB books if you need further info Head first EJB will be a superb one.
Cleared SCDJWS with 98%.

Questions from drag and drops were really confusing a lot.
Missed one in this section.
Concentrate well on Blue print for design web services questions.

The detailed flow for preparation can be
RMH ( covers almost everything, also wonderful book. )
Blue print( after RMH go through this )
Vals spec mapping and the left topics.

XYZWS ( Wonderful. Some questions did turn up for the real exam)

Topics needs to be concentrated.
JAXB ( since RMH does not have this neither Blue prints many questions from this )
Security ( All security concepts are not available anywhere as a whole point need to refer multiple books for multiple concepts )

JAXR and UDDI ( these both are really extensive, but questions are bit tougher in these but only some do turn up in these sections. )

Thanks everyone in JAVARANCH and gud luck to all
Especially to Val for his mapping.(really wonderful)
16 years ago
Please go throught Vals spec mapping.
Its really wonderful one.
(Its available in SCDJWS links in javaranch)
Every thing and manily Every BP notes in RMH are important.
In Web services point of view the EJB components you can use
Stateless session beans.

Since Stateful session bean cant be used (Why you cant refer to RMH) ""that EJBs cant take part in sessions""
I think yours right one.
The answer mentioned before is wrong.
I do not understand your question clearly.
What is the use of arrays?
What is use of data types?
are you asking in web services point of view or generally..?

also Section 5.4.3 in RMH is notification/ solicit response.
Handler can also be a node processing the header.
In that case you define the the handler to the role in the DD.
Refer to RMH on handlers and Chapters 22, 23, 24.
The answer should be EJB and JSP.
Since they are dealing with J2EE ((components)) - JMS does not come to picture.
SAAJ and JAXB are J2EE web services components.
Both a and b is the right answer.
Somnath's explanation is right in this view.