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I have a questions

1. what is benefit of OO javascript than normal procedure based javascript? Is it something with enhanced functions or just OO based?

Does JBOSS in Action explains about how to run JBoss in any of the Java IDE?
15 years ago
Class which extends RuntimeException are all called Runtime exceptions.

Java Doc

Is HF-SQL describes only ANSI Standard SQL or It elaborates how to use SQL for a DB. For instance Oracle?

Does this book cover about software development process(SDLC) or what is this book all about?

Thanks in advance.
HttpSession has two methods

Refer API documentation for more details
16 years ago
Hope this URL will help you in understanding JAAS with Tomcat

and a good article on JAAS

16 years ago

Have a Blast!!
you will never, ever code calls to XHR. Instead you will use a library. The library will either be embedded accessible from a UI component library such as isomorphic, Active Widget or will be a wrapper library such as Prototype as Ben Souther said.

you can use class to do this.

Check Java API for this class and try google for some examples.

16 years ago

After done with the exam, how do feel about Design Pattern Questions. Do think really worth in reading GOF for SCEA or Head First Design Pattern it self OK?

Thanks in advance.
The way I prepared is :

1. HFSJ Book

2. SERVLET and JSP Specification(For reference)

3. Try to get good score on exam given in the HFSJ Book. And If you miss any question by answering wrong, analyze why you think your answer is correct.

4. Attend free mock ups available in the FAQ section of SCWCD Java Ranch forum.

Every day 2 hours I spent and I have completed the exam in a Month time.
Code is valid.

I guess "NoSuchMethodError" is because of some other reason. can you post full class code, so that Ranchers can try to help you out.
16 years ago
Thanks guys.

Is there any group where I can find people looking for sharing their living place?

Can you provide me link or advice me the things I should take care before leaving India? like opening NRI account to transfer money to India?

Thanks In advance.
16 years ago