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Recent posts by Lance Spence

I'm interested in learning React, but I'd like to know how much JavaScript knowledge will the book assume? Will a basic understanding of JavaScript be sufficient or will more of a novice level of JavaScript be required?
Thanks for the reply Mark. I will look forward to reading your "A Smarter Way to Learn jQuery" book when it is available.
I like the learning approach this book takes. It puts a slight twist on learning compared to other books and I think it will make learning JavaScript a pleasurable experience rather then an intimidating one. Do you plan to offer additional exercises via your website to allow people to further practice what they'd learned? Perhaps offering a few sample incomplete projects where people can take the skeleton and fill in the missing parts?

Also do you have any plans to take this learning approach and write a book for learning JQuery? I would love to see that.

Thanks for you this nice learning addition
You should also have a look at Aptana Studio 3.
I forgot to ask this question previously, but does the book also talk about designing applications to handle orientation changes? I did not see a specific chapter on this; perhaps it is discussed within another chapter. I know that the book isn't focused on layout, but handling orientation changes is applicable to both phones and tablets.
10 years ago
Thank you for the additional information. I'm still new to Android development, but I will have to look further into this. It really sounds like your book is an excellent addition to any Android developer's bookshelf.
10 years ago
Thank you Satya for the excellent information and again for providing this book. I'm not sure, but at present this may be the only book available or at least one of the very few to address creating applications for tablets in addition to covering development for phones.
10 years ago
You mentioned that there are a lot of "surprises" with using fragments. Do you discuss things to be aware of and watch out for when using them? As developers begin to create tablet versions of their software are there many new facets to developing for a tablet that they will need to be aware of aside from the aesthetics of their apps that are vastly different from developing for the phone? Basically do the same items such as memory management, power consumption of apps, storage, permissions, etc apply to developing for tablets like they do for developing for phones?

I'm wanting to get a good idea of how similiar/different it is developing for both phones and tablets when creating a version of your application for both.

10 years ago
I'd like to know with Pro Android 3 does it touch on designing and optimizing for Tablets? The book is really big, but on Amazon's site I didn't see this specific topic mentioned in the product description. At 1200 pages, I assume unlike a lot of the Android books available you don't gloss over the topics and spend a little time, not just showing an example of how to do things, but explaining what is done and why. This is something I've been looking for and hope that your book delivers on that.

Thank you for providing the community with another valueable resource!
10 years ago
Thanks guys for the prompt responses. I'm a .Net C# developer by day, but I'd really like to do some Android development on the side. I don't think I'd have much of a problem picking up Java, but I wanted to know the prerequisite for your book regarding Java and Android familiarity. One of the things I've been looking for and haven't found in any books or resources online that really explain the concept well with full examples is when dealing with the ListView control, how to create Sectioned Headers. You see this used often in many apps, but there's not a lot of info available on how to do it. An example of what I'm talking about might be like below:

--- Adam
--- Anne
--- Betty
--- Beth
--- Brian
--- Chris
--- Connie

I know this might be off topic, but I was wondering if in your controls chapter or similar, if you touched on advanced control usage examples like this.

Thanks in advance for providing another much needed resource to the Android community.
10 years ago
I read the two reviews on Amazon's site regarding the second edition of the book and one leans towards it being for beginners, while the other doesn't really say, but it does state developers need a solid understanding of Java; however, it doesn't give much indication of the level of Android knowledge expected. Is this book suitable for someone with an understanding of the basics of Java or does someone really need to have a solid grasp of Java before they will really be able to follow this book? Or in other words, can a total newbie make use of the book (new to Java and Android)?

Also does the book contain any sample projects that are related to the topic being discussed that can be tried or are there just short snippets here and there showing how you'd accomplish x?
10 years ago
@Bear: Not a problem. I was trying to keep my question in-line with the discussion revolving around the book, but will ensure future questions are titled more appropriately.

@Sebastien: Having an appendix section at least touching on this is good. Perhaps a future book can address the topic as a whole .
10 years ago
Does your book also cover best practices and performance tuning of Android Web Applications? If not are links for more information provided or better yet is there a book planned to address those topics?
10 years ago
Hi Damon and Sebastien,

With regards to your book, since it is focusing on the development of Web Applications for Android, do you touch on the security of web application development? Do you also cover topics such as cookie management and the use of session objects for persisting data between the application's web pages?

Thanks also for providing a book that addresses the topic of developing Web Applications for Android!
10 years ago
I know there is an emulator, but for testing on a real device you could always buy one from ebay or craigslist I suppose.
11 years ago