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Recent posts by Naveen Mishra

I'm trying to upload a file using <input type="file" ... >
my form is like <form name="someName" enctype="multipart/form-data" .... >

This is working fine with IE on Windos but , causing problem with Safari on Mac machine.

Also, if I don't upload any file and click on Back button in my page, it throws an exception "file size unknown"

If I remove "enctype" entry from jsp-form , back button functionality works fine but file upload fails.

Any help for this behaviour???

Thanks ..
Naveen Mishra
16 years ago
I'm caught into a strange problem. Is there some issue with IE7?
My problem :

I have a file input element in my page. When I select an image, I want to display the selected image in a span. I have tested and found that my code works fine with IE6 but does not show up the image in IE7. It only shows default "image not found" icon.

I'm invoking js function on onchange event of file input.
My code :

is there anything wrong with this code?(the code is working fine for IE6, but causing problem in IE7)

Thanks for spending your time.
Thanks Ulf, Thanks a lot for your help.
I'm writing some PDF files using iText.In general it's fine, but , is there some way I can attach my css to the pdf to avoid lot's of coding and parsing for html tags and rendering them?

Thanks for spending time for me.
Hi Ben,
Thanks for giving a look at the problem.

To explain you further,

On In my page I've a file component (file uploader).
Once I select a file, I want to have a lok at the file first, using a link preview for that.

The above code is rendered inside a div component.

This works fine if i'm editing the page ( the file is there in ftp server and the file name is there with my jsp), before I select new file for preview.

sending you code snipet again with additional info...

here _vidPane is just a div and is used to render the preview of the file.

Hope , this time I could make it more clear.
Thanks again.

16 years ago
Hello All,
I'm trying to develop a page where-in I upload a flash(swf) file.
My problem is when I select some file to upload and try to see its preview before upload it , I'm not to able to do so.
The same functionality is working if I'm using preview for edit( data is uploaded already..and in listings also... flash file is there in the ftp and I'm able to play it/ preview it.)

I'm using this code :

any help if It can be done?

Thanks for giving your valuable time.

16 years ago
Hi All.
I'm trying writng code to download an asf file from the url with protocol mms://

I'm using javaMMS library for the purpose.
I am not able to establish connection..

my code looks like this one ....

Some hints please ...
Thanks Merrill,
this is what I needed.

Thanks again.
17 years ago
Hi All.

Have not much experienc ewith GWT , but just have some Idea about it.
Would be greatfull if someone can point some configuration of the two ( Struts with GWT ).

Thanks .
17 years ago
a little update ...
the code snippet comes from the "generateRows() of PdfView" class
used while iterating thru the columns for export...
17 years ago

i'm using displaytag. trying exporting data.
In my table , there are some columns which are generated at runtime .
When starting export , getting unusual results:
1) Total number of columns is reduced by 1 ( i.e. n-1)

if this.decorated is true , getting only columns which NOT generated programatically, else getting only those columns which generated programatically and rest of the columns are coming as null

would welcome any hint/help .

17 years ago

How could we find out the host IP requesting for some resource or service in the net? need to find out the Ip of host which is not in local LAN.

Thanks .

17 years ago

I've written a TLD for rendering dropdown in jsp page .
The tag takes Map with key / value in it for rendering the list.
optionally we can pass key / value to display as selected item.
here is the sample jsp code snipet :

the first one renders dropdown with some data selected and the other without selection.

The problem is, when I reset my form , the dropdown is with no selection , regardless of it contained some data initially or not.
I wanted to retain the data in case it was there .

here is the code for tld ..

what could be the possible reason ?
some help pls.

[ October 11, 2006: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
17 years ago
Hi Merrill,
Thanks for your response.

Actually , the problem I told starts after download is completed.

After d/l when I try fire some other action, nothing happens .
If I choose to OPEN the file , or CANCEL , my program works normally.

Also, I've a link to NEW page in my that jsp only , and a dropdwon list.
The link merely opens a new jsp , but ,onchange ,dropdown fires action .
After saving the D/L file , when I start with NEW link it is alright.
but , If I try with dropdown , it causes a js error saying ACCESS is denied.

If , I try wotking with other actions from my side menu, nothing happens .
not even simple jsp links work.

Hope , it is better to understand now.

Thanks again for giving some thought for my problem.

17 years ago
i'm trying to download a file ( using streamOutput ) .
I'm able to download file successfully.
When i choose "Open" file or 'Cancel" when prompted , things go fine , but when i choose "Save" , file is downloaded successfully , but further no action is being executed.

Using trace i could find that actions fired but not Invoked ( not showing any jsp forwarded from action , nor executing the body of action ... only able to trace which is action is fired )

Showing up what I have in my code =======

struts-config --

<action path="/populateCSV" name="xlsDataForm" scope="request" type="XlsDataAction">


Action --


Also, if i click some url in the page ( that I do have in my page ) , It starts working normally. ( the url must not be another Action (.do) . This is doing fine for jsp in url .

Please help .

Thanks and regards,

Naveen Mishra
17 years ago