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Recent posts by Jack malvin

I just started looking into the Websphere and WSAD. I have previous experience in Eclipse and JBOSS/Tomcat.
Can someone provide me a beginner's guide to WSAD/Websphere. I am looking for something that can give me a quick startup.

15 years ago
I have similar doubts on going-ahead for SCBCD. Also with the new specifications (EJB 3.0) a lot is going to change.
Someone experienced in this area, please elucidate on this.

Specifically for following:
Considering the fact that one has little or no experience on EJBs.
1) Is EJB certification worth in today's scenario? Does it really add some value difference on your resume?
2) Should we go for existing version of SCBCD certification or should we wait for the upcoming versions(if there are any)? Also when are the next versions expected?

Congrats !!

Thats indeed a great score.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Jack malvin:
Here is the answer to your question.

Sorry, missed the link...
Here is the answer to your question.
Congrats Nishant !! Great score
15 years ago
Where is SmallFish?
Is she killed by some Exception.
Oops.. who is going to Handle the Exception thrown by test() ? (... More killing?)

Originally posted by Akhilesh Yadav:

boolean x = (a = true) || (b = true) && (c = true);

Since the expression to the left of || operator evaluates to true expression(s) to the right of || won't be evaluated.
Hence output would be: true , false , false
Hey Bret,
Me too preparing for SCJP 5.
1.4 ain't that fun. ...LOL
Nice shot Philippe !!!
15 years ago

Originally posted by serish selvaraj:

If anyone is just starting to prepare for the scjp1.5 , please write to me, maybe we could discuss.

Yeah Serish,
I'm the naive you are looking for .
Planning to appear for SCJP 1.5 sometime in Jan 06.

Malvin J.