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since Nov 28, 2005
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Recent posts by raghava yelamkonda

Hi all
a3[0] = a3[1] = a3[2] = a2;
now a3[2] is not a 2*2 array ( 2 rows and 2 columns)
it just 1*2 array
u r trying to retrive a3[2][2][2]
a3[2][x][y] is nothing but a2[x][y]
a3[2][2][y] is nothing but a2[2][y]

but a2 dose not have 2 nd row since it is having 0th row and 1th row (array index starts at 0)
correct me if iam wrong
thank you
Hi all
Strings will store in string pool na
in case of String s3=s1.toLowerCase();
String s4=s2.toLowerCase();
s3 and s4 should reffer to same string "case matters"
then why it is giving s3==s4 false
plese explain me
thank you
I think answer should be 3
total 3 objects are created
1 "abc"
2 StringBuffer s1 = new StringBuffer("abc");
3 StringBuffer s3 = new StringBuffer("abc");

can anybody explain what is the correct answer , what are they ?
why people are counting "abc" and only 1 stringbuffer object ... what about the other stringbuffer object
The program will compile properly and will give run time exception (nullpointerexception) because u have not mentioned the lower dimention.
so array is not initialized properly
correct if iam wrong
Thank you
56>>-2 is nothing but 56>>30
first make right side nuumber 0 or positive and less than 32by adding 32 at a time which is no of bits in an integer
then do the ordinary shifting
in u r case it it is 0
try with 64 which is 100 000 0
64>>-28 nothing but 64>>4 which is 100 which is 4
i think it is enough
correct if wrong
thank you
Boss for primitives it will not give null value
and method local array variables are not initialized by default
when u try to retrive the value which is not initialized it will give a null pointer exception
correct me if iam wrong
If it is not clear just give me a mail
thank you raghavareddy.y@gmail.com
thank you
Only line 3 will give compiletime error
line 2 will not give any error since apple is a sub class of fruit it is passed the instanceof operator
correct me any thing wrong
Thank you
Hi guys iam going to write scjp1.5 exam tomarrow
now next target is scwcd
can u plz send some electric copy of some books
thanks in advance
U can watch some of books and tutorials in the following link
(Link removed because it points to pirated, copyrighted materials)
Thank you
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