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Recent posts by Jan Valenta

Hi Arvind,

The instance without specified element type in declaration is of RAW TYPE. I am quite sure you will find more about it.

While using raw types, you don't get the strict type control and you get warned by the compiler.

I hope this helps.

I think it is more complicated, as the string literal pool comes to scene. I don't think you are going to be tested on pool string literal garbage collection. You should however know that both of the following are true:
"abc" == "abc"
new String("abc") != new String("abc")

Originally posted by Karthikeyan Balasubramanian:
take marcus green examss and k&b cd master exam..
tat is more than enough.

I don't think the mock exams alone are enough! You have to study, to read, to try yourself, you don't learn much new just by doing mock exams.

Chriss, I am sorry you failed. Keep studying and try again. I have used the same book as you, couple of other short texts on generics and collections (mostly Sun tutorials), and I have passed with 87%.

[ January 27, 2006: Message edited by: Jan Valenta ]
16 years ago
Don't forget that there is automatic promotion of the operands to ints. Therefore you are shifting (00000000 00000000 00000000 10000000) and the initial zero stays zero.

Hi Kam,

There is nothing easier than to TRY YOURSELF and think about it!

compiles fine, everything is legal. At runtime, one gets ClassCastException at line 1 because SwampThing is not Cat. Even if SwamThing implemented Washer, it wouldn't help because one is actualy converting Cat to SwampThing.
If Cat extended SwampThing, it would run fine.

Cheers, Jan
If you have enough time and willingness to study, go for 5.0. You will learn new things, it's always good. :-)

Apparently, the expression is evaluated from right to left (right associativity), first adding y and x, then increasing x and adding the increased x to the result of x+y.

Hope that it helped.

(and you should also consider changing your nickname here, the sheriffs are out there... :-))
[ January 24, 2006: Message edited by: Jan Valenta ]

Originally posted by Satou kurinosuke:

I'm wondering if this is true for the minimum value.
If somebody could confirm.

So easy to check:


the answer is D. Natural order is natural order. :-) That means, it is alphabetical order for Strings, numerical order for Numbers, date-related order for Dates, etc. For your own classes, the natural order is defined by the compareTo method of the Comparable interface which you have to implement in order to be able to add more than one element to the SortedSet (or you have to specify Comparator at the time of SortedSet creation).

The SortedMap is for storing pairs of keys and values, not "elements" as required in your questions. (It is sorted by keys.)

You can use your own Comparator to override the natural order. See the documentation of TreeSet.

Hope that helped.


I have used H&R for preparation, I have not seen K&B. I would say H&R is very good for 1.4 topics (including those ommitted in 5.0, like bit shifting..) but the 5.0 topics are written IMHO a bit in a hurry. I have used couple of other articles about generics, collections, etc. to feel confident.

Overall, it is very good book, but not perfect.

Thomas and Bert, thank you! I thought so, it was just an idea.

Have a nice day!
I wonder whether the short "questionnaire" before the actual exam has any influence on the questions. I mean, for example, if you choose you are expert on API you get harder question on API, if you choose you are beginner with threads you get easier question on threads, etc. (or vice-versa :-))

What do you think?

Originally posted by Jan Jankowski:
Hi everybody

I passed the CX-310-035 exam (SCJP) today and got a score of 85%.

Greetings from Poland

And Cheers from the Czech Republic, Jan!

16 years ago
Hi Maxmillian,

Thanks for very interesting points. I am a bit surprised by the poor certification credit, but it is better than nothing, I guess. My girlfriend is in Montreal so I would like to go there. But even Toronto (or Ottawa, any jobs there?:-) ) is much closer than Europe.

On your point on Quebec economy: I have heard the economy there is rising and more and more jobs are opened (especially in Montreal)! I am most worried about French but that's for other long discussion..

Thanks again!

Go catch a Canadiens game!

Al, you bet I'll try! But I have heard the games are sold out for the whole season(s). :-( I like hockey!
[ December 23, 2005: Message edited by: Jan Valenta ]
16 years ago
hi Jerry,

Thanks for reply. Even for the not-so-optimistic web page. In spite of that, I am booking the ticket today. I'll see...

Anybody any other advice about Montreal?

Thanks again,
16 years ago