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Recent posts by Prasanna RamKumar

I think you are not getting the point
select box will be generated from the DOM object only

for the value i will have an arraylist right

i want to fetch the values (country list) before loading my jsp page which will be shown to the user

if iam using the servlet to fetch the values first how can i call the servlet first

should i use any listeners to call the servlet

so that it will first fetch values and set in request attribute so that i can get the attribute in my request scope of jsp

13 years ago
you mean to say i should implement the business logic from the jsp itself
cant i have my busineess logic seperated from jsp
13 years ago
i have index.jsp

which contains the select box called country
i have the country details in jsp

before loading the index.jsp the values should be fetched from the DB and that value should be listed in the index.jsp

i dont want to call a javascript on body on load

is there any way we can do this functionality using servlets or listeners

13 years ago
I have same package used in two different modules .

<category name="java.sql">
<priority value="DEBUG"/>
<appender-ref ref="MODULE1_DAO_FILE"/>

<category name="java.sql">
<priority value="DEBUG"/>
<appender-ref ref="MODULE2_DAO_FILE"/>

while generating logs all the log statement related to the package is written on the second entry
is there any way i can solve this problem
i have developed jsp where i have text fields and combo box

once i select the region in the combo box it will call a action class where it get the values based on selected region in combo box

using a javascripot and return back to the same screen

and the results are displayed in the same screenn in the location combo box

it works 5n but when the screen is refreshed again what ever the values that iam entering in the text box and other field get disappeared

what should i do in this case
15 years ago
iam getting compilation error and moreover
when i typed the javac -version it is showing invalid flag
but for java -version it is showing
can anyone give the solution for this problem
i have made the initial settings correctly
i have set the JAVA_HOME
and path in environment variables
the code i have pasted is what i have compiled

even i have checked the version
it is showing as 1.5.0_06
no still it doesnot work
it was showing the previous error
; expected
illegal start of expression
i think this was not the solution for the problem
C:>javac -version
invalid flag : -version
Usuage :javac <options> <source files>
where possible options include:
iam compiling at command prompt
that is not showing any information regarding version
iam compiling at command prompt
it is showing the version as java version 1.5.0 _06

the complie time errors generated are

; expected

and illegal start of expression