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Recent posts by Muhammad Saifuddin

Dear Aqsa,

Believe me only you're the only one who facing this issue because you're the one has code

So please share the code where you handling this save text logic.
6 years ago
Hi John,

Since you're now already aware for parsing JSON data, I recommend to bypass this manual approach and do this process automated by using library.

You'll find many example available over the web by single hit. I just picked one found pretty managed an easy

Hope it helps.
7 years ago
Or if you've expertise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript you can used framework like Ionic to create application for both.
8 years ago

I am facing an issue in converting datetime in current timzone.

I am receiving this date string from server in a format "2015-10-09T08:00:00" which is Central Time but when I convert this date time using new Date(strDate) in GMT+5 its returning me below which is incorrect.

Another way I used is to convert by adding timezone offset and its returning me right result but defiantly failed when daylight saving activated.

I appreciated if you help me to suggest me efficient way to handle to timezone conversion with daylight saving?

Thank you.

Hi Authors,

Firstly, Congratulations and best wishes for this book.

My Question is more to share-out your part of interest like How you become enthusiast of this product and what attract you most in your first experience?


fahimeh hashemian wrote:
What sample code you mentioned?

This is where you can download the Action Bar Compatibility sample for a demonstration of how to use ActionBar on Android 3.0+ and also support action bar functionality on older versions.

Just follow steps are mentioned.

Hope it helps.
10 years ago
You can achieve this by using css selector.

For reading child-and-sibling-selectors to get the idea behind.

hope it helps.
11 years ago

Sarath Kalangi wrote:A small two - tire application which contains only max of 10 java classes and the version of the Netbeans is 7.2

Looks (Not So Much). whats your system configuration?
Hi William,
Welcome to Javaranch,

william broken wrote:response came from?? right now I encounter a problem that it seem I generate corrupted audio because it doesn't play.. this project I working is for android OS..

The more information you provide, the easier it is for people to answer your questions. Consider these examples.
11 years ago
Try the solution defined here move to Step 3.
11 years ago
Try this short key Ctrl+Shift+O.
This will organize imports meaning only import packages used by class.
11 years ago