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Recent posts by Alex Anderson

I have some apps developed with JWSDP, which i'm trying to run on Weblogic 9.0 (alt 8.1).
The problem is that i cannot seem to replace weblogics implementation of SAAJ.
I have tried some different approaches:
* adding libs to PRE_CLASSPATH in setDomainEnv.cmd
* distribute all libs in a web app using the weblogic specific tag <prefer-web-inf-classes>true</prefer-web-inf-classes>
* adding the libs to jre directly, in (jre\lib\ext\
* removing Weblogics webservices.jar
* "tweaking" weblogic.jar/webservices.jar removed some configuration and classfiles in them
* adding META-INF/services/* to point out non weblogic factories

However, nothing of the above works, still weblogics implementations are being used!

I get exceptions like this because weblogic doesn't let me use some libs:

I have totally run out of ideas now.. anyone?
[ December 18, 2005: Message edited by: Alex Anderson ]
18 years ago
Thanks for trying it!
Did some changes so now it works in Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Opera atleast.

(remove spaces to if you want to try it)

Reused code from this page:

[ December 16, 2005: Message edited by: Alex Anderson ]
[ December 16, 2005: Message edited by: Alex Anderson ]
Got it working with some javascript. But i really don't want to use javascript here.. should be a better solution to this.

(some spaces added to make the forum post to work)
I agree with you that sounds lika a decent solution, but unfortunately that doesn't work.
A specific height is just what i don't want to specify.

If i put a height in the style tag like

it works partially, but then i don't get the dynamics I want. I want the table to take 100% in height and width of the browser window.
[ December 15, 2005: Message edited by: Alex Anderson ]

i have a problem with getting a DIV to overflow inside a TABLE.
The code below does not scroll the table cell, but instead the whole screen is scrolled.

Is it possible to make the table 100% in width and height (of the browser window), and then just make the cell with the div tag scroll??

[ December 15, 2005: Message edited by: Alex Anderson ]
[ December 15, 2005: Message edited by: Alex Anderson ]
I have a tool which uses xpath to check if certain elements exists in documents. The problem i have is that XPathAPI which i use does not understand namespaces and prefix and therefore fails to find nodes with prefix.

So.. how do i remove prefix when building a Document?

at the moment i build a Document with:

[ December 13, 2005: Message edited by: Alex Anderson ]
Adding some weblogic specific instructions in weblogic.xml did the trick.
18 years ago
Using weblogic 9.0.
For a certain web app I want to restrict access using the builtin security-constraing/login-config in web.xml.

The problem I have is how to get users to belong to a certain role.
In the Administration Console i added a Role "operator", a group "mygroup" and user "myuser". I successfully added the user "myuser" to the group "mygroup", but how do i add this group/user to the specified Role?

I always get login failed when trying to login using the form.

Here is my web.xml

Here is the login.jsp page
18 years ago

I'm working on trying to solve a problem which in short involves the following steps basically:

1. User access page with browser
2. The server reads an XML Schema (gets from backend somewhere)
3. Transform the schema to HTML (a form)
4. The user enters data in the form fields and click submit
5. The server transforms the submitted form into XML according to the XML schema
6. The created XML snippet is being sent away to another system.

Anyone solved this previously and can give me some hints?