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Recent posts by amod gole

Hi Campbell,

thanks for helping me and sorry for my reply..that was my reply after 4 years...I have started Java again
10 years ago
Hi Tim,

It is "…".. statement from show(…) method...

Answer for Why..I am not sure …

10 years ago
Hello All,

I have one application in which I am calling one procedure from DB2 database and I am entering some record into one of my table.

Now Problem is what when I am using DB2 Type 4 driver with driver manager it work fine but when same code I am using along with Type 2 driver and datasource it throws an exception saying [IBM][CLI Driver][AS] SQL0302N The value of a host variable in the EXECUTE or OPEN statement is too large for its corresponding use. SQLSTATE=22001

Please let me know If any one is having any idea or solution regarding this.

Thanks In Advance,
14 years ago
Hi Arun,

What I think “flower” and a “Rose” can have
a.] Inheritance :- Rose can be class because we can have rose of different type
c.] Class and its instance now its depend on requirement

relationship between “Company” and “XXXX”
v] Class and its instance
Application is like this

one EJB which is calling different TaskHandler(interface implemented by different TaskHandler classes) for different Task. In Our application what we are doing we defined one HaspMap and in that we are storing these different TaskHandler so when new requests come to our EJB instead of loading TaskHandler we are checking availability of that taskHandler in HashMap if it is present then we are using that if not then we are loading it and storing it in same hashmap.

SO my question was what is best loading each time taskHandler means defining new object of task Handler or storing it in hashmap?. My EJB type is stateless and lets say 15 different taskHandler.
14 years ago
Hello All,

I have one question, I am in confusion , what is good if we compare loading class every time and using it for operation vs first time loading it and then store it in HashMap for further processing.

Thanks in advance
14 years ago
HI All,

I have an around three years of development experience and now i want to go for weblogic certification but i am in confusion i am not able to decide that for which certfication should i go (8.1 or 9 / admin. etc.) which one will be good for my future.

can any one help me. I am working on weblogic8.1.

15 years ago
hi all,

I need help from any one who have an idea of RETURN_TO_NONE attribute of Forward class.

i want to use this one in my application.
Please tell me how to use this. Weblogic 8.1 with SP5.
i tried all the way but i did't get the answer
16 years ago
Welcome to javaranch!

PLease check your java file.
the place where you are compiling your .java file that file not present in that folder.first go to the foder where you kept this file and then compile
-classpath option we are using to specify where is our .classes are present
suppose if your depends on some classes (external) then use -classpath and set classpath for that classes file
16 years ago
thanks Merrill Higginson
16 years ago
hi all,
i have an application in which i am updating my database by calling method from execute method of action class but from here i dont want to forward to any page if any one is having any idea please reply immediately

thanks in advance
16 years ago
hi all,
when i am deploying my application by using weblogic workshop 8.1.
that time it work fine
but when i am deploying same application as .ear file it is throwing exception for JNDI name some thing like
My application uses netui tag, from action class i am calling ejb (stateless bean) through controller .
if any one have any idea pleas reply
16 years ago
what to do?

when you are working too hard,
You are intrested in your job,

but you are not getting that thing,which you are expecting
16 years ago