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Recent posts by Mark Herreras

Hmm, i did find an SDK though i'm not yet sure what it's for and how to get it.

Anywayz, thanks and wish me luck!
First of all, i'm a newbie so please bear with me.

Anyway, I need help with getting data from a data warehouse (i.e. Informatica, Focus..) from a java program.

Apparently, any app should not get data directly from the database but instead go through the data warehouse app. (i.e. Informatica, Focus..)

I really have no idea how to go about this, so any tips/help would be greatly appreciated.

um, i'm still a little confused.
Does a call to System.exit mean that the program is terminated? or does it mean that both the program and JVM are terminated?
18 years ago
oh..sorry i posted in the wrong forum.
18 years ago
I have a swing prog with an exit menu item, so when the user clicks exit

the only code in it is a call to System.exit(0);
But after starting and restarting the prog a lot of times
my machine tend to slow...
Is this an issue with references, do i need to null all references
before calling exit?

18 years ago

I'd like to know how to make popup menu's and dialog boxes appear faster...
Because when i first click a JMenuItem which corresponds to a dialog box, the dialog box doesn't appear immediately but then any subsequent clicks on the JMenuItem, the dialog box appears fast.

Is there any way to do this? im willing to sacrifice the start up time of the prog to do it... thanks!
18 years ago
their license is the lesser general public license...

So, how would this affect my manifest file?
If for example my main jar is in
then jdic is in
How should the classpath look like? and if i don't use any third party api's
do i still need to set the classpath in the manifest?

Btw, could you look at jdic? it has some non-java files included (i.e exe files).. should i also include that?
tnx Stuart!
18 years ago
hi! I was wondering if anybody could help me with this..

We are required to make a program and distribute it as a jar file. And my problem is the program i made uses an api i got from this site .I use it's system tray capabilities. My question is, when i do ditribut my program.. do i have to include the thir-party api's that i used with the distribution?

18 years ago