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Recent posts by Jim Rock

I would like a breakdown by functional area and feedback from people, who have used the plugin.
Which one works the best with Eclipse
Where are the best links to find new plugins that have been tested for stability and usability?
Is it sufficiently mature? Is it well supported? Do you recommend it.
Do you think xdoclet is a viable way to make your EJBs runnable on different J2EE configurations?
I have sucessfully loaded the plugin and added the tutorial as a project in Eclipse.
All the needed information is available at
I usually download the plugin zip file and manually install it into the appropriate folder.
I do this so I have a copy of the plugin. It looks like directly loading using the Update Manager would not give me a copy.
I have had to reload Eclipse a couple of times so I try to keep it easy to recreate my current environment.
I've right-clicked on an existing Java package in my project and select UML Class Diagram (Ormondo Plugin). It creates a UML Class Diagram of all my classes in that package... although it doesn't show the associations.
JBoss IDE comes with a tutortial and a project that can be imported into Eclipse. Best of all it works! It uses xdoclet.
I got the Ormondo UML plugin working by changing to a stable version of the Eclipse/EMF plugin
I checked the error log and running the class diagram wizard is throwing the following error:
I've reported it to support@omondo.com. I'll let you know if they respond.
I am using Eclipse 2.1.1 on Win 98. EMF works fine. With Ormondo UML class diagram, I get the splash page and then a wizard that collects file name info, but when I click "finish" nothing happens.
Can't get a class diagram file built.
I use the wizard, fill in the info click "finish" and it just hangs. I am going to try reloading everything - unless someone has a "quick fix".
I already reset defaults and made sure EMF / GEF were there.
Tomcat 4.1.24 often does not load the validation.xml and validator-rules.xml files. I am attempting to run the example struts-validator application and often get no generated javascript when I click on jstype.jsp.
The only time I do get the generated Javascript is when I see validation.xml and validator-rules.xml specifically loaded in the DOS window .bat file comments that come up when Tomcat is loading.
19 years ago