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Recent posts by Gyan Shankar

Welcome Mark Cade and Humphrey Sheil

I think it is the IBM portlet api.
We are using the struts-portlet bridge.
We have just changed the request processor in the struts-config.xml to

Any idea how to get a normal servlet filter work in the websphere portal server?
16 years ago
We are using struts portlet bridge to migrate a struts application onto websphere portal server.
It works fine.

We need to use a servlet filter however in the portal environment the filter is ignored.
The filter works fine within tomcat version of the build.
Any idea if we need to configure anything special to make it work?
16 years ago
I am planning to prepare for RAD certification IBM255 but it is for v6.0

Is there any certification for RAD v7.0 similar to IBM255 or is it coming out soon?
Nice job.

16 years ago
Passed the webservices test with 91%

The exam wasnt easy.

Many thanks to MZ for the guide and the quiz.

material used
1. RMH
3. Blueprints
4. Basic Profile
5. MZ Guide
6. MZ Quiz

Lots of questions on UDDI/JAXR
16 years ago
I am not really sure about that.
I have been provided this version and am trying to deploy our Tomcat application onto Websphere.
Do you think upgrading the Websphere version will help?
If so, what version should i be using?
17 years ago
I am using IBM Websphere
I have a conditional jsp:include in a jsp file.

It gives me error "403 File not found: /WEB-INF/jspf/test1.jspf"
It works if the file is named .jsp or if the jspf file is not inside /WEB-INF.
It works fine in Tomcat 4.

Any suggestion how to fix this?
17 years ago

So whats next?
17 years ago
10,000? I dont even have 100 close friends

But i guess the reason most guys dont take the chance is because there is no good book targeting the exam.
Thats my opinion.

Anyways SCDJWS is next in my list.
17 years ago
Passed the SCBCD with 92% today.

Many thanks to
1. Kathy & Bert for the best book
2. Fredric for his notes
3. Mikhlai for his notes

Suggestion for aspirants:
1. HFEJB should be the primary book
2. Go through the Spec atleast once before the exam

Wish Kathy and Bert can come up with a book for SCJWS and SCMAD
thanks again
17 years ago
Thanks a lot to Bert, Kathy, Bryan for HFSJ.

I read HFSJ (thrice), Manning book and Mikalai Zaikin study guide.

I just did HFSJ final mock and got 60%.

Thanks again to all.
18 years ago
Thanks a lot for your help.
This is what i was looking for.
Anyone can give the links for design patterns from sun?
Great thanks

BTW would you have the links to the mocks