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Recent posts by Leonardo Rafaeli

do you want a kind of filter?

I mean, avoid the user to insert numbers?

if so, you should implement it using javascript
14 years ago
but as far I know there is a configuration that allows you to keep you database in a know state without cleaning it up.

I mean, you can populate your base, execute your tests and after the test data will be there

is that you want?

14 years ago

have you ever tried to use a DBUnit?
14 years ago
The only mocks we could get are from whizlabs. I've see no other options instead.
are you accepting people outside of Spain? Are you sponsoring visas?
15 years ago
I've got this certification just studying by UML certification book

I think it is almost a completely study guide for OCUP
my preference is in Canada, USA, UK, France, Spain or Germany

I'm a little young (I'm 22), I have 3 years of experience in Java and .NET but a great will of professional growth

I'm SCJP 1.4, SCWCD 1.4 and SCBCD 5, I have worked with a lot of tecnologies and frameworks of Java and .NET. A little bit of these are Hibernate/NHibernate, Spring/Spring.NET, Ajax4JSF, Atlas, Oracle database, SQL Server, Postgresql, Design Patterns (GOF, Core J2EE and Enterprise Patterns), Testing (JUnit/NUnit, TestNG, Selenium, JMock), SWT/Swing/Windows Forms/Windows Services, Oracle app Server, JBoss, Jetty, Tomcat, BEA Weblogic and so, so, so on...
Actually I'm working as software developer, specialist in JSF/JPA/Spring and ajax. In our current project we are using MyFaces/Tomahawk/Sandbox, ToplinkJPA, SQLJ and ajax with Ajax4JSF.
I have knowledges about eXtreme Programming, RUP and SCRUM (this month I pretend to be a SCRUM master, burn my salary in an oficial Sprint-IT course)

my main objective is to get an internacional experience, maybe I will go to Canada next year to study english (to improve it a little bit) but if I find a job oportunity will be better for me. I'm self-taught, I'm very compromissed with my job and I have a great will to work outside of here.

so if you want talk with me, please send me an e-mail (or add in gtalk) to leozinnn@gmail.com

thanks for attention
[ October 17, 2007: Message edited by: Leonardo Rafaeli ]
16 years ago
Thanks cameron

I will do my SCEA 5 beta test in next October, 18th

I did my SCBCD5 last tuesday

if what you said is correct, I think I will get a good score because I work with JPA and I'm a JSF specialist hehehe

How many questions did you answered correctly?

[ October 04, 2007: Message edited by: Leonardo Rafaeli ]
hey peter

take a look in this thread


This example shows exactly how you can pass the rowIndex or whatever you want to you action/actionListener method
16 years ago
I wont copy-past my text hehehe, so, if you want see my comments about the test, please access https://coderanch.com/t/142250/sr/certification/Passed-SCBCD

thanks a lot
Finally, with almost 2 months of studying the EJB3 specifation and reading the Mikalai Zaikin's EJB guide, I passed with 63%. The test was very hard for me

The worst area I got was in JMS. I got 25% the best area I got was in Exceptions and Entity Operations (both with 80%)

My strongest area in EJB3 is JPA, but I didnt see many questions about it. I saw a lot of session beans and $*@#&$ message-driven bean

Mr. MZ, thanks for helping, your guide is very good (but, when I tried the IBM ICAAD exam (257) I didnt pass ). When you come to Brazil, I will pay a beer to you haha

My suggestions: Study EVERYTHING about EJB3. The exam isnt so easy and all people I saw that passed in this exam got at least 70-75%, and, I guess when new EJB3 preparation book become released, it will help people to get a better score.

My materials: Mr. Zaikin' guide and the spec. Nothing more. I saw a little bit in Pro EJB3 - JPA but it didnt help me so much

I work with JPA in an enterprise project but I use it with a framework of my company, so, I didnt practice the EntityManager operations =/

good luck for all
16 years ago
I will do my test tomorrow ;~

EDIT: oh, I forget, congratulations ;D

how much score did you get?
[ October 01, 2007: Message edited by: Leonardo Rafaeli ]
doesn't support =(

BUT JBOSS SEAM SUPPORTS! exactly like your code ;D

I think you are using a default JSF Implementation, so, in fact myfaces, RI, Rave, ADF , IceFaces and so on really don't support it

there are two ways to you send parameters to your backing bean

your component

your backing bean

the second way is using a f:param to send a parameter to your backingbean by request. The main difference of the last way is because this second way can pass parameters when you are calling a action method and not only a actionListener method(I MUST CONFIRM, I DON'T REALLY remember if this affirmation is true hahaha, so you can try and tell us if this way works calling an action :P)

your component:

your backing bean:

did you understand how it works?

I hope so

16 years ago