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18 years ago
Hi All
We have a .WAR file which make use of the "javax.servlet.context.tempdir" implementation. Here we keep some configuration entries made by the user and use it at run time. This works fine with Tomcat, WebSphere 5.x but weblogic 7.0, we face strange problem. The moment we restart the web application [ not the weblogic server ] , this temp directory gets deleted ! So the application lost all the information in the configuration files given by the user. This is really a horrible problem, and till now I couldn't find any solution.
I am not sure whether this "javax.servlet.context.tempdir" is not so used common for this kind of storage or this is a specific issue with a specific version of weblogic [ I don't know whether this will work with weblogic 8.1 or not]. So if any of you know the solution or history of this issue please update.
Thanks in advance.
20 years ago
Thanks for all the help. I will be picking up

JavaServer Pages, 3rd Edition
Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages, Vol. 1: Core Technologies, Second Edition
for the class reference.
Another book which our JSP developers like a lot is
Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook.
20 years ago
Hi Mr.Bergsten,
Nice to have the opportunity to get opinion from you directly. In our company we will be having an internal JSP training end of this week. I have been told to collect JSP books for two different kinds of students.
1. Developers [ has Java knowledge, new to JSP ].
2. QA [ Some has java knowledge, some don't even know how CGI works ]
I kind of finalized your book as one of my choices for the developers as well as some of the QA members who are already familiar with programming.
Can you suggest some JSP book for the beginners ? Or do you think that even people with no specific java knowledge will be able to pick up from your book ? [ with the help of training. ]
Thanks for your time.
20 years ago
Thank you Mark, let me quote from the San Jose University's MSE home page,
Program Description:
The interdisciplinary Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) program is based on the concept that an engineer's value increase by pursuing study in areas closely related to engineering work responsibilities. This special need requires a flexible interdisciplinary program of study, not always available in traditional Master's degree programs. Students select concentrations in Client/Server Computing, Electronic Materials and Devices, Engineering Management, Environmental Systems, Manufacturing Systems, Microelectronic Packaging, or Software System. The MSE program prepares engineers for careers in senior level engineering and technical management positions.
I was thinking about the concentration in Client/Server Computing which has
the following courses.
Technical Writing Requirement
ENGR 200W Engineering Reports
Core Courses (9 units)
ISE 201 Engineering Analysis (ISE version of ENGR 201)
CMPE 202 Systems Engineering (CMPE version of ENGR 202)
CMPE 203 Engineering Management (CMPE version of ENGR 203)
Required Concentration Courses (9 units)
CMPE 272 Enterprise Software Overview (formerly ENGR 262 Client/Server Overview)
CMPE 273 Enterprise Software Distributed Objects (formerly ENGR 264 Client/Server with Distributed Objects)
CMPE 275 Enterprise Software Construction with Components (formerly ENGR 268 Client/Server Construction with Components)
Elective Courses (select 6 units)
CMPE 274 Client/Server Databases (formerly ENGR 266)
CMPE 276 XML for e-Business (formerly ENGR 270)
CMPE 277 Mobile Technologies for Enterprise Applications (formerly ENGR 296J)
CMPE 296L Advanced Enterprise Software Components (formerly ENGR 296L Advanced Client/Server Components)
ENGR296K Web Services Technologies
CMPE 206 Computer Network Design
CMPE 208 Network Architecture Protocols
CMPE 221 Software Engineering
CMPE 285 Software Systems
CMPE 287 Software Quality Testing
CMPE 270 Advanced Software Systems
Note: Other electives are permitted with advisor approval
Master's Project or Thesis (6 units)
CMPE 295A Master's Project I
CMPE 295B Master's Project II
CMPE 299 Master's Thesis
Thanks in advance for your time.
20 years ago
If anybody can help me in deciding about the following course that will be really helpful.
San Jose state has a program called Masters in Engineering - This has multiple concentrations and one of them is Software Engineering. This is different from the traditional MS in Computer Science which is loaded with lots of theory classes and has a kind of loose admition process.
The thing I din't like is that they won't list the concentration in the final diploma [ why are they calling a Masters Degree as a Diploma ] it will just state Masters in Engineering.
Any suggestions thoughts on this please. I had looked at Santa Clara University, they do have similar better program, but really expensive.
20 years ago
came across this link
thought it might be of interest to the ranchers...

Higher Primates Can Program
20 years ago
Try opening it from a dos window command prompt - that way you will know the exeption thrown before failure of adminclient.
20 years ago
Hi Amy
I actually got the answer from the message you put in the other thread
Anyway good luck in creating a new bug tracking tool !
20 years ago
Hi Amy
Are you planning to work in a project that is indent to create something like this ?? As you know is free bug tracking tool. Soffront tool has a backend database and a very strong reporting facility. I do understand the need and importance of reporting for project and quality managemnt process. I am just wondering what will be the motive to start a brand new product of this kind if there is enough market leaders out there ? If you have time please explain.
Thanks for your time
[ June 24, 2003: Message edited by: ARS Kumar ]
20 years ago
Check the following too in your setup.
1. httpd.conf
LoadModule jk2_module modules/mod_jk2-2.0.43.dll
Put this file in the conf directory of Apache after creating with the following entries.
# Define the communication channel
# Uri mapping
This is enough for the minimum configuration.
[ June 24, 2003: Message edited by: ARS Kumar ]
20 years ago
Now I know that each finally is getting its time to run . So how will I get all these data ( the time to run each thread ) in the main thread ( the main method ) ? I would like to display a average response time inside the main method.
I have a program which creates multiple threads to do the same thing. The idea is to simulate the concurrent usage of the resources of a specific application. So in this program I would like to display the timings for each thread after all threads are completed. Now I am invoking the threads from the main program and inside the run() method calculate the time before and after the method which does the work.
I did write a finally part to the run() method and it is printing me what I am looking for. I am just confused about why the finally part is working only once even if I have 100 threads running at the same time.
Also as I am not sure this is the only way to achieve what I want, please suggest some better methods if any.
Thanks in advance
Hello Vishu
HttpUrlConnection class is best for your need. If you have a GET to do you can use the setRequestMethod(String) method of this class. For POST you have to construct the request string after properly URLEnconding the value parts of the string. Then use the setRequestMethod("POST") and open the OutputStream. You can then write your request to this stream.
I hope this will be of help. I have written applications which works in this way. Any other ideas are welcome.
If you can print out the value of the whole string ( including the values of s and i ) then we will know what URL finally comes out. Please post the exact problem.