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I just started using Rational Application Developer 6.0, and I have some difficulties to setup the Websphere Application Server v6.0. I migrated my Web application to RAD 6.0 from WSAD 5.1, and I tried to follow the steps to migrate my server, but on the step14, I just couldn't find the "Switch Configuration" option. Does anyone know how to configure the RAD 6.0 test server? Am I missing something here?

Thanks a lot!
15 years ago
Thanks very much,

I will try it this way to see if I can get it working, because I won't be able to know the properties until I query the database, so how am I able to set up all the set and get properties. Maybe I can use a list, not sure.
15 years ago
Hi Merrill Higginson,

Thanks for reply, it will look like the second option, user is able to add a column each time, for example, here is the 5 row by 2 column:

client: [input text][input text]
metter: [input text][input text]
name: [input text][input text]
address: [input text][input text]
e-mail: [input text][input text]

If the user add one column, it will be:

client: [input text][input text][input text]
metter: [input text][input text][input text]
name: [input text][input text][input text]
address: [input text][input text][input text]
e-mail: [input text][input text][input text]

I know this is kind of abnormal, each row has the same kind of data.

15 years ago
Hello everyone,

I have been thinking of this for weeks, but still don't know if the index properties will help or not.

Here are my application requirements, and any suggestions are needed, thanks.

This project needs to display a lot of data on a jsp page, the row number is fixed what I mean fixed is it depends on the data in database so I won't be able to hardcode them. But the columns are dynamic, user could add as many columns as they want.

For example here is the structure of 5 rows by 2 columns:

client: [text input ] | [text input ]
matter: [text input ] | [text input ]
name: [text input ] | [text input ]
address: [text input ] | [text input ]
e-mail: [text input ] | [text input ]

Does anyone know how to do this using Struts, 'cause I really don't know if the ActionForm will do the job here, since how to define the fields getter or setter methods in ActionForm?

Thanks a lot!
15 years ago