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Recent posts by lambertlee Li

Today I tried to upload my assignment, however the voucher Oracle issued failed me. It said the voucher has been used!''

Had sent the email to Oracle, guess has to wait another week to get reply javascript:emoticon('');

Tried to contact PearsonVUE, they are closed on weekend!

My GOD, so unlucky!
I did this way(submitted the credit card statement) and got the voucher.
My application needs to access different external systems(LDAP, webservices, email etc.). I think DAO is the perfect choice here. To provide a unified DAO layer, I decided to use DAO to access all external systems including webservices(I don't want to use dependency injection as i don't want to mix my business layer with external system).

However I google for a long time, can't find a good reason or article talking about using DAO to access web services.

Did anyone ever did this way and passed? Thanks!
IN the deliverable, it states: "a link to each of the sequence diagram". All my 4 sequence diagrams are in one page, do I have to provide 4 links to link to each sequence diagram?

I am thinking just provide 1 link to link to my first sequence diagram, evaluator could scroll down to see the rest, am I doing wrong here?

Whoever passed, please give comments! Thanks!
Thank you Jeanne and Ranganathan!

That is what I am worried. I am scared that what happen if frame doesn't work in evaluator's browser. It would cause my immediate failure!
I am preparing to submit my assignment. My assignment contains HTML with frame , JPG(diagram) and CSS files. Does that sound OK? Someone who passed please advise!

Nobody give comment? static web contents as component in component diagram? Anyone ever did that and passed?
I think the relationship between Wall-----Aperture should be 1----0..*.

But the domain model show the relationship is 1----1..*

If I change the relationship from 1----1..* to 1----0..*, does that means I change the domain model, will that cause my failure?

Can anybody who has passed exam give some comments? Thanks!
I had the same questions. If showing DAO factory classes in class diagram, it just make my class diagram messy.

How you guys deal with this DAO factory classes in class diagram? Suggestion please!!!
It seems I found the answer from Oracle certification FAQ:

How long are my exam results valid? For instance, if I took the 1Z0-007 exam in 2002, is it still valid to use toward my 10g DBA OCA certification?

Exam results remain valid. They do not expire. If you took an exam at any time, it will remain valid to use in any certification path in which it is valid.
I took part1 in Feb 2009. and I downloaded part2 in Jan 2011(almost 2 years in between:().

I am approaching complete the assignment. Wonder if my part1 has expired? Anybody had any idea?
I am planning to move all my static web contents to APACHE HTTP SERVER.

Should I show static web components as a component in component diagram?

ntumba lobo wrote:I am gonna try to reply to the best of my knowledge.
Anybody corrects me if Im wrong.

I think as well that if you have a separate HTTP server it should be shown in the deployment diagram.
It is an important component as this is what the end-user hits to access your application.

I am not sure the concept of dependency is applicable for the nodes of the deployment diagram.
The deployment diagram represents the network topology (nodes, communication links) on which
your system sits. Usually between nodes you have a plain straight line without any preferred direction.
The purpose is just to show the link and tell the protocol used (HTTP, JDBC, RMI-IIOP ....)


Presentation tier is the generic term. Its purpose is to prepare the data for a specific channel.
In the case of a web application, the presentation tier is called Web tier and the specific channel is the browser.

Thank you for you reply. I think my post title is misleading. Actually what I want you guys to help is my component diagram(I know that my HTTP server should be shown in deployment diagram). I didn't make it clear in my previous post.

I need help on component diagram:

1) if I move all my static web contents to my APACHE HTTP server. In my component diagram, should I add a component representing the static web contents?

2) If I had a <<static web contents>> component in component diagram, i am confused about the relationship between <<static web contents>> and <<faces servlet>>.
Should <<static web contents>> component have a dependency on <<faces servlet>> in component diagram? Or they have no dependency at all. Nothing to be drew between them?
Can I just put <<static web contents>> sitting there without any dependency on other components?