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Recent posts by sanjay patel


My colleague has recently got an offer from TCS (China). He has an experience of 2+ years and working in the same company (150+ strength) since 2 years.
Can any one give some inputs regarding work, work culture, and other things(which we all know )?

18 years ago
The two major reasons are...
1)mitigation of geo-political and vendor concentration risks
2)rising cost of labor in India

There are examples where US companies are acquiring Chinese companies..

U.S. Services Firm Acquires China's Suzsoft

18 years ago
I feel Web Servcies, BPEL, BPM, SOA, SSO and other technologies which revolve around new generation architectural platform that encompasses a series of contemporary technologies (both proprietary and vendor-neutral) would be in great demand. The graph is rising but not saturated (will take more time to saturate), and a person with this skill sets would be different from the whole lot. Here I am talking about conceptual knowledge about these technologies.

18 years ago

Originally posted by Long Ng:
Hi Rambo Prasad,
The reason is I may be that his/her and I would like to know the information about my salary in the near future,
and I could get a job in these countries in the near future also.



If you are collecting this data for the future then there is a mismatch, as the salaries in discussion are the current salary, but you may reach there at the mentioned position after some XX years and at that time the salary would be different ( + / -).

It is similar to financial planning. If I want to purchase a bike after 5 years and the cost of the bike is 50,000, then I should plan for 50,000 + ((50,000 * 0.06) *5) which is 65,000 (where 6% is inflation)

18 years ago

Originally posted by Svend Rost:
Where do you want to go - career wise?


Personally I would prefer to have a combination of techincal and management. But in my apprsial my manager suggested me to go for an MBA/PMP degree as he feels my management skills are much oustanding then my technical skills.

18 years ago

Originally posted by Rambo Jalsa:
What is PMP and SCEA??Can you please expand the acronym?

SCEA is Sun Certified Enterprise Architect
PMP is Project Management Professional
18 years ago

After five years of experience and working as a project Leader, what would be more preferable in terms of career growth PMP or SCEA?

18 years ago
sorry ranchers for adding the list for H1 instead for B1.

I do not have questions related to B1 visa interview.

The following site shares the visa interview experiences

Sorry for the confusion.

18 years ago

This is a list of FAQ

1) Name of the Client?
2) What does the client do?
3) Location of Client?
4) Turn Over?
5) Size of the Company?

1) Name of the Project & Description.
2) What Technology
3) No of resources in the project / Team size
4) What will be your role and responsibilities in the project?

1) Name of the consultant
2) Employer Name / Contact person
3) Location
4) Year of Establishment �
5) Gross Annual Income �
6) Current no. of Employees -
7) Has the consultant filed any H1b before �
8) Who are the other clients �

1) How did you get to know about the job.
2) Month of Interview - Salary - Other benifits - Job Title -
3) Is this a full time job �
4) Where will you stay

Other questions
1) What other Companies you have worked till date? What roles you played.
2) Why do you want to go to US / Why do you want to leave your current job

Below is Checklist

1) Visa Appointment Letter (IMP)

2) H1B Questionnaire (This is only for the Mumbai Consulate) (IMP)

3) Resume, covering Letter and references.

4) Passport (Current and Copy of the Previous) (IMP)

5) I 797 Petition Original (IMP)

6) Employers Recommendation Letter to the Consulate

7) Copy of the Letter from the Attorney stating the Filing Fees Details, that was submitted to the INS.

8) G28 (Notice of Entry of appearance as attorney or representative) (Optional)

9) I907 (Premium Processing) (optional)

10) I129 H1B (Data Collection, Filing Fee Exemption, Supplement) (IMP)

11) LCA (Form Certified)

12) Evaluation of Academic Credentials

13) US Company Profile and WebPages

14) Letter stating my responsibilities and Requirement for propesed Designation.

15) Job Offer Letter (IMP)

16) Company Brochures

17) Organization Chart

18) Photographs for VISA (IMP)

19) My Current and previous employment details, with pay slips. Previous and present organization WebPages.

20) Academic Certificates

21) Other Certificates

22) PAN Card, Utility Bills, and Bank Statements

Note: If your I129 is proper, you will not be asked for anyother document. I would advise all of you, give approximate answeres. For Example, if the VO asks how many people are working in the company? Though in the petetions it is XX No. Say More than XX No.

The petetion is not meant for you. It is meant for the VO. Legally we should not peak into it.

Ok, All the Best.
18 years ago