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Ramprasad Subburaman

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since Dec 18, 2005
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Recent posts by Ramprasad Subburaman

Hi All,

Let me know the procedure to get the online Sun Logo?

How to use that in my resume??

I have registered in the but there is no link to Sun Logo.

17 years ago
There was no EJB related questions.

All you need is HFSJ book and spec docs.
17 years ago
Thanks for all..

Bert: Thanks a lot... it is all because of your Book HFSJ.

Ramprasad S
17 years ago
Hi all,

Below is the requirement of my mini project

1)There are many schemas and many tables in each
2)Need to retrieve data from Database & display it
3)No insert/update/delete on database
4)Only in 3 tables insert/update/delete will be done

Planned for hibernate but Database is not properly relational so difficult in mapping.

Kindly let me know which one to use for the below requirement so that I achieve better performance and easy to implement.

Thanks & Regards,
Ramprasad S
Hi All,
I have cleared SCWCD @ 86%.

About my preparation(1 month):
1) Read HFSJ once and then studied HFSJ
2) Read Specifications
3) Participated in the Javaranch forum

About the exam:
1) Easier than Mock Exam
2) One must be good @ custom tag and Deployment Descriptor

17 years ago

HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval(-1) && HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval(0) also Question IV and V are all same ==> session doesnt expire.

HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval(10) session timeouts after 10seconds.

cookie.setMaxAge(-1) deleted when browser is closed.
cookie.setMaxAge(0) deleted at client side.

Hope I made it clear. If anyone else has difference in opinion please reply.
Thanks for your quick reply.

I kindly request you to provide exact mapping for above mentioned table structure.
Hi All,
I kindly request you to give a best solution to this problem.

Table1 { column1, column2, column3 } no primary key.

Two SQL used are
1) select distinct column1, column2 from table1
2) select distinct column2, column3 from table1

If I map column1 and column2 as composite id , I get error on displaying the result of second SQL in the JSP.(${table1.column3} The "." operator was supplied with an index value of type "java.lang.String" to be applied to a List or array, but that value cannot be converted to an integer)
and vice-versa.

I kindly request you to give a best solution for this.

Thanks in advance,
Thanks Charles Lynos.

Your information was helpful in debugging my code.

Observation: For classic tag which extends BodyTagSupport, we need to explicitly write the bodyContent.

Above case is not for class which extends from TagSupport.

Offcourse, I kindly request someone to confirm the same.

Thanks & Regards
Hello All,
During development of classic custom tag, I had few clarifications.

1) Can we access the Body of the Custom Tag, in the Tag Handler??


2) If YES, how would you modify the same??

3) Is there doAfterTag() method??? (noticed in notes provided by Frederic Esnault Pg no 40 (

4) If doAfterTag() exist when it is called??

Thanks in advance.

Congrats. SCJP 5 and SCWCD in a very short span.

Could you please tell us about your preparation and materials you used for it.

Also, some suggestions/advice to all who are preparing.

Thanks in advance.
Thanks Ashley.
Yesterday, I made a mistake in the <c: out> tag.

Thank you for correcting me.

[ May 11, 2006: Message edited by: Ramprasad Subburaman ]
Hi All,
Can anyone explain why the below code

Doesn't display the value of name.

Also, please tell me how to print the value of name using EL

Thanks for your replies.

Actually, I had a problem with EL.

when u have <%@page isELIgnored="false"%> then u can't use

You will get an error "attribute value does not accept any expressions"

Hope the above observation is usefull to all.
[ May 11, 2006: Message edited by: Ramprasad Subburaman ]