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Recent posts by Ajith George

I was about to implement a tagging feature for documents. The user who uploads the document can add one or more tags , so that while other user searches this can be easily
retrievable. Is there any patterns available for this? Or Can i make use of indexing API's such as lusene here.


From the past experiences i know that Java zip file streaming doesnt support files greater than 4GB and is still in the bug list of jdk. So we are using other API's like truezip to do the same.

But recently when i tried to unzip a GZIP format file > 4GB using it worked. Does anyone know why and how it works only for GZIP format files? Still whats the upper size limit for reader.


14 years ago
Am also facing this problem now. I tried winzip from command prompt, but as it is not free it will bring a popup to accept the licence agrements, so manual intervention is required. Thats why only option left was using windows zip utility to extract. Does anyone know how to call windows zip utility from command prompt? So that this can be called from java for extracting big files.
15 years ago
jsp's are actually rentered as servlets internally by the server internally. So jsp's are just ui friendly servlets , which will help the web designers job easier.

But remember jsp's are view related stuff, only, but occasionally we might need to tackle requests come to web server. I mean any specific checking or process. For that it is better to use servlets itself (as we dont any ui there)

Implementation eg: InterceptorServlet, Filtering servlet etc.
15 years ago
Can anybody please suggest me a good open source tag lib. The tag libs i require is for simple activities like
  • condition checking (if and if not)
  • iterator
  • input text box (so that i can high light the text box, in case of error)
  • form
  • url builder
  • include page
  • sort
  • submit
  • testconditon (to check any conditions)

  • I need to be able access the full source code of the same, so that i can tweak it , if it is needed.

    15 years ago
    Then replace one of the repeated entries with a non occuring number , like 999 or 0. Then while retrieving it handle this case also.
    15 years ago
    Better store the result in a new array, which will make your life more easier.
    15 years ago
    My domain classes are Book and Tag, which are shown below.

    But i am unable to create a link between them. Even though we can add the other domain object from current domain, the link between them is missing.

    I have created the controller and stuff, using the "generate-all" method of grails.
    Actually i was trying to implement the same on Grails. And in grails, the domain class mapping is based on ideas got from hibernet. I tried hasmany attribute to establish many to many relationship. But i cant actually make things work by this.
    Yes i am having exactly similar situation
    yes i am refering to books and tags that have a many to many relationship.

    I want to know how this object model should look like, and the way to handle the same using any ORM tool. If anybody can point me any open source example, it will be really helpfull.
    What i meant by tagged item is like something similar we find on youtube.

    ie as we upload a video, we can add search tags related to the uploaded video, like car,movie,comedy etc.

    So as user search my tags he can find the item with ease.
    How can i map a tagged item? Suppose a new book is added to the system, and this book can be non-fictional and cookery related and poetic etc. So more than one tag is required for the added book. And the tags should be created if it does not already exists. And the tag should not be deleted as i delete the book, coz other books may already get associated with this tag.

    How can i handle this situation with ORM?

    Thanks in advance.
    You can use Java script for this, ie
    <script language="JavaScript">
    // go forward

    But this way of doing is deprecated, coz it works only in IE and behave stupid sometimes.