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Recent posts by Raed Qudaisat

is there a way in java to know the cd-rom drive letter ( D, E, ... ) and check if there is a cd in the drive?

Thank you.
17 years ago
Hello All,

i don not know if this is the right section to pass this post in.

I am writing a java web start application that display images from the server. These images are protected by apache (https) and i changed the authentication type for the directory that contains the images to 'BASIC' so that i can pass the user name and password from the url.

When i try to launch the image from the browser it works, but when i am launching the jws it will prompt me for the user name and password although it is contained in the url.

Any one have any idea?
17 years ago
thank you very much for your reply.
i am not using the ant tool, i am building the jars with the jar tool. i will give you more details.

-first i am using linux.
-i have built the jar files using

-then i have used the keytool to create the key like this.

it prompted me for the alias password and i made it raedpass.
-then i used the jarsigner tool like this.

that is it, now what i want is to be able to read file from the client system, is that possible?

should i copy the jars to the client machine? or just put them on the server?

17 years ago
Hello all.
i have been tired searching for this, and i didn't find the answer.

what exactly should i do to sign a jar file? and where to place the signed jar?

i have created a keystore using the keytool and used it in the jarsigner but still i can't read files from the client's system!!!

any one has an answer?

17 years ago
use filters ,,,
File dir=new File(File_Path+File_Name);
File[] list;
FileFilter filter=new FileFilter(){
public boolean accept(File file) {
return file.isDirectory();

this will get you all directories,,,,

replace "return file.isDirectory();" with "return file.isFile();" to list the files instead
18 years ago

Originally posted by Henry Wong:
The way it is executed, it may not have opened anywhere. To do that, you need to execute a shelltool or xterm first -- which then can run the "vi" command.


thanx for answering,,
what do you mean by you need to execute a shelltool or xterm first???

any example code plz???

I'm writing a console application that draw a screen and show all of it's contents files "available files" the user will choose the wanted file with arrows,, and when his/her wanted file is highlighted he can press return "enter" to open his/her file with the "vi" editor.....

i wrote this for proop of concepts

Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
Process ps = rt.exec("vi test.txt");
OutputStream os = ps.getOutputStream();
InputStream is = ps.getInputStream();
DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream(os);
and a "test.txt" file has been created with a inner-text "test".....

i don't want to get the output stream for the Process to wrtie on the file,,, i hope if i can display it for theuser to do his/her modifications

thanx again
[ December 29, 2005: Message edited by: Raed Qudaisat ]
18 years ago
Plz I need your help;;;
I am writing a java programe that has to open the "vi" editor, on linux Operating System..

I tried this code
Runtime.getRuntime().exec("vi test.txt");

but it didn't work,,

Any idea plz???
18 years ago