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Sachin Holla

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since Dec 30, 2005
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Recent posts by Sachin Holla

One technical cause is that Java does not support multiple inheritance. You cannot extend Thread when your class is already extending another. Another situation is when one who maintains the thread and one who provides the functionality are different � something like a generic thread pool.

One more reason is the coding style itself. People say if you "extend" a class you should be "adding" one or more functionalities to it. Such go for Runnable approach if the need is just to implement run() method.
I think you need to put your java class in a package and import it in your jsp file. Most probably the generated servlet will be of put in some package so it cannot access the java class which is in default package..
18 years ago

System exception is something which cannot be recovered, so the continer will rollback the transaction. Container views application exceptions as an abnormal application-level condition, which typically can be recovered. So the container will not rollback the transaction, it tries commit...

So in such cases, you should explicitly mark the transaction for rollback using EjbContext.setRollbackOnly() method. Your code would look like this:

try {
// ---- do your db ops ---

} catch (SQLException e) {
// Mark the transaction for rollback..

// If you want throw some appliation exception here..
throw new NotEnoughBalanceException();

- holla
hi Stefan,
thanks for your comments.. the second method should be the logical one. i was just playing with different combinations and i came across this scenario..

regarding my name -
my name is sachin holla. most of my friends call me holla, so i kept that display name..
18 years ago
If I prefix a form field with portlet namespace, should I use this prefixed parameter name to get the value in my portlet class??

To be specific... my jsp looks like this:

Now, how should I access myfield in my render() method???

I strongly feel it should be the second way. But I did not find any convenient answer in JSR...
18 years ago