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Recent posts by Sujoy Mukherjee

Nivedita Gautam wrote:For calling doGet method:

<form action="SomeServlet" method="get">


For calling doPost method:

<form action="SomeServlet" method="post">


When no form method id specified, service method is called if it exists!

Hi Nivedita, I beg to differ at your last statement.
When no form method is specified, by default Get is called(as it is already mentioned also in previous posts.
9 years ago
Hello friends,
this is related to one program related to collection.
Here is the code:

and here is the output:

My question is why the Exception is thrown here?

As far I understand, remove() method of Map is the cause(probably).
I rewrote the code here and the Exception is Gone!

here is the new code:

Still my understanding is not clear. Why this java.util.ConcurrentModificationException was happening and why it is not happening now?
Thanks in advance.

9 years ago
Thanks for replying.
I know I can use getColumnCount() method of ResultsetMetdata interface to know the column number. But then?
I have tried something like this:

But then again, I have to display each column separately within the while loop using the getter methods and the index value of the columns which I don't want. I mean if there are 20/30 columns in a table and if there is a need to print them all then I have to type each of them for 20/30 times using the getter methods.
Is there a way so that I can put the data of a Row inside some Class and print the column values separately?
hi all,
while displaying results using resultset, we generally write the following lines of code:

My question is, suppose there is a big table with 20 columns and I want to show all of them. So instead of showing them using the gettermethod(index1) +gettermethod(index2)+gettermethod(index3)......and so on till 20th column...., can we show the whole row in one shot? Is there any alternative way for this?

Thanking in advance.

Yes are absolutely correct.
11 years ago
Hello friends,
I am trying to run a very basic struts2 application with eclipse and tomcat 7. I am new to eclipse world..previously I was using netbeans.
But it is showing 404 error code.

here is the brief view of my project structure:

Struts2Starter(application name)
| |_org
| |_sujoy
| |_action
| |

here is struts.xml

Here is




And after running tomcat and manually typing getTutorial.action at the end of the url(the url here is: http://localhost:8080/Struts2Starter/getTutorial.action)
it is showing http 404 error.

Where did I do wrong? Please help.
11 years ago
Correction. it has been solved. i was using the table name instead of class name.
Thanks for your help.
Extremely sorry for replying so late. Thanks to both Salil and Emanuel for replying.
I tried your solution....but an exception is thrown now.
it is saying....Exception in thread "main" org.hibernate.hql.ast.QuerySyntaxException: book is not mapped [update book set bookname =:bname where bookid =:bid]
The run window says
Hello Saif,
Thanks for replying.
yes you are absolutely right.....when i am running the project the browser shows http://localhost:8080/FolderDemo/.
Then when i click on the hyperlink, it is showing

HTTP Status 404 -

type Status report


descriptionThe requested resource () is not available.

while the browser shows http://localhost:8080/Folder1/abc.jsp as the link.

Hello question may seems to pretty ordinary to many of you....but as a beginner I am unable to find a please help me.

I am using netbeans 7.2. I have created a project, the project hierarchy looks like the following:

| |__abc.jsp
| |__xyz.jsp

Now, my problem relates to abc.jsp and xyz.jsp files. What I am trying to do is that I am trying to access abc.jsp from xyz.jsp.

Here is the code for xyz.jsp:

Now If I right click on xyz.jsp and select run from the pop up menu, it works.....I mean xyz.jsp is coming and when i click on the hyperlink abc.jsp is also coming.
But If I run the project in normal way by clicking on Run button then when i click on the hyperlink on xyz.jsp, abc.jsp is not coming.....instead its giving Http 404 error message.
I don't know what to do? please help me.
When I am executing, the following Exception message comes:
Exception in thread "main" org.hibernate.hql.ast.QuerySyntaxException: expecting EQ, found ':' near line 1, column 26 [update book set bookname :bname where bookid :bid]

The full output looks like this:

Can you please tell me where is the problem?
Thanks in advance.
I am very new to hibernate. I am trying my hands on HQL. I am trying Updating a table but facing a problem. I will try to explain it in as much detail I can.
First of all I am using netbeans 7.2, Oracle 10G express edition.

(1)The Table called book and its like this:




(5)The POJO class,

(6)And finally,, where the problem occurs